Best March Festivals in Spain

March festivals in Spain will entertain the locals and visitors alike.  Spring has almost arrived and folk music fills the air in most city squares.

Some the best March festivals include the Sant Medir in Barcelona, the Las Fallas in Valencia and the burial of the sardine in Andalucia.

Las Fallas de Valencia – Mid March

The Fallas of Valencia is visually one of the most spectacular Fiestas you will come across in Spain.

In mid-March, Valencia lights up its streets for an entire week of celebration and parties. With work officially suspended, the city inhabitants make giant paper mache figures representing notable people as well as traditional figures. These are then displayed in the city during the entire week of celebration before being burned down one of the most amazing bonfires that bring the Las Fallas festival to en enigmatic end.

The Las Fallas festival was intended to honour Saint Joseph the patron of the carpenters guild, where this spectacular tradition arose from.

It is an impressive display of huge figures, mostly comical depicting personalities in Spain which are made over the year only to be burnt on the last day of the fiesta.

The week leading up to the Fallas comes alive with fireworks displays, street performances, performances by local bands and so much more.

There are now well over 100.000 Falleros and Falleras who ensure that these fiestas are an unforgettable experience each year in Valencia.

The Jerez Flamenco Festival

Flamenco Dancing Spain

For lovers of traditional flamenco and folk music, the Jerez Flamenco Festival is one not to miss.

Jerez comes alive each March with the colour and sounds that only flamenco can do. Singing, dance and guitar music is present on every corner, plaza and street around Jerez which gives the town a unique atmosphere.

The golden triangle of flamenco music is said to be located within the city walls of Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz and the Triana district of Seville.

People arrive from all over the world to take part in the Flamenco Festival, they come to enjoy the historic city and listen to the very best flamenco guitar players and dancers from all over Andalucia.

There are numerous headline shows at the central Vilamarta Theatre as well as other venues such as the Plaza Romero Martinez and the Palacio de Villavicencio.

The Burial of the Sardine – El Entierro de la Sardina

This is quite a strange festival which takes place after the carnivals in Andalucia have finished. Its true origins are not known though the theory goes that in the 18th century King Carlos III was given some sardines turned out to be rotten, he immediately ordered them to be buried.

This unusual symbolic ritual has been played out ever since in many towns around Andalucia in southern Spain.

The locals dress up in black, some as priests and some as nuns. who carry the sardines through the town for everyone to see.

The fish is then either buried or cooked over an open fire on wooden spits.

The burial of the sardine was depicted in a painting by Francisco Goya.

San Medir Festival – Festa de San Medir Barcelona

The Festa de San Medir is named after a saint who lived in Barcelona during the year 303 under the vicious rule of the Romans who persecuted the Christians.

The legend goes that Sant Medir planted some beans which grew immediately, and for that, he was taken prisoner by the Romans.

The festival is usually held on the 3rd March each year when the local neighbourhoods of the districts of Gracia, Sarria and Sants in Barcelona come to life with parades and celebrations.

The festival is also one of the sweetest in Spain as tons of toffee and sweets are thrown from the floats to the people lining the streets.

Other March festivals

March 1st:  Balearic Islands Day

March 19th:  St. Joseph’s Day  Madrid, Valencia and Extremadura ( Street  parades and firework displays )

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National Holidays in Spain

Jan 1st -  New Years Day - Ano Nuevo
Jan 6th - 12th night, The Three Kings  - Dia de los Reyes
Mar 19th - Fathers Day - San Jose
Variable - Good Friday - Viernes Santo
May 1st - Labour Day - Dia del Trabajador
Aug 15th -  Assumption - Dia del Asuncion
Oct 12th - Spanish National Day - Dia de la Hispanidad
Nov 1st -  All Saints Day - Todos los Santos
Dec 6th -  Constitution Day - Dia de la Constitucion<
Dec 8th -  Immaculate Conception - Imaculada Concepcion
Dec 25th - Christmas Day - Navidad