Best June Festivals in Spain

June is an excellent month for festivals, both Andalucia and Catalonia have a lot going on and while Madrid and Barcelona offer city backdrops to enjoy some of the best June festivals in Spain

Some of the June festivals include the Grec Performance Arts, Barcelona’s Sonar festival, the gay parade, as well as the strange ham and water festival in Granada.

For beach lovers the night of Saint John ( Noche de San Juan) is a special night spent on the beach with friends enjoying bonfires, music and fun.

The Noche de San Juan  ( Night of Saint John )

Festival Noche de San Juan
Festival Noche de San Juan

If you love beach parties this is for you as the night of San Juan is one of the best June festivals in Spain.

San Juan is usually celebrated the last weekend in June each year up and down the coastal areas of Spain most notably in Andalucia where the warm temperature makes for a perfect all-night party.

This ancient pagan festival is now legendary for its all-night-long party beach party of music, dance and fun.

The night is all about fire and water, where young and old congregate to build fires and enjoy the night. According to tradition to be cleansed and purified you must jump over the fire three times.

Romeria de Rocio

El Rocio de Huelva - June Festival in Spain
El Rocio de Huelva

The famous spectacle that is the Romeria de Rocio is held 50 after Easter so usually falls in June each year. This famous colourful and dusty pilgrimage pays homage to the Virgen del Rocio and is one of Andalucias largest religious festivals.

Although the Virgen del Rocio has been celebrated for over 800 years and divided into two main parts, the festival of Almonte of which the Virgen del Rocio is the patron saint and the pilgrimage which starts several days earlier, the festival is a blend of catholic and local pagan beliefs.

The pilgrimage to the village of Rocio is quite a spectacular and traditional affair with hundreds of brotherhoods from surrounding villages and from all over Andalucia taking part.

Decorated horse and carts are beautifully and lovingly prepared in bright colours and flowers with the pilgrims dressing in traditional gypsy inspired flamenco dresses and the men in their short-cropped jackets ( a la Andalucian style ) and unique wide-brimmed bolero hats.

The highlight of the festival for many a devotee is when the Virgen del Rocio ( a large silver shrine ) is taken from the Church in all her splendour.

There are no tarmac roads to speak off in El Rocio as the whole village is built on sand, vehicle parking areas have been replaced with fences to tie up the horses

If you have never visited El Rocio it is highly recommended it as it is undoubtedly one of the most unique villages in Spain and one of the most unusual places to hold one of the top June festivals in Spain.

The Great Wine Fight – La Batalla de Vino de Haro

Rioja Wine Festival Spain

This mighty wine fighting festival takes place each year in the picturesque village of Haro in the last few days of June.

The location is the beautiful Rioja wine-growing region of northern Spain, for wine and party lovers this is must-visit festival in Spain.

The festival is held on St Peters day to honor the local wine production. Basically the locals and visitors climb a mountain and throw wine over each other, what could be more fun!

The region of Haro is one of Rioja’s top wine-producing municipalities with over 40% of the area's vineyards located here.

Producing great quality wine is the mainstay of the local economy and celebrated in style each year.

Sonar Music Festival of Barcelona – Mid June

Some 80,000 visitors each year make it to this prestigious festival to take in the splendour of multimedia arts and live music concerts.

The main celebrations of the Sonar Music Festival are held around the Raval District where you will also find the Museum of Modern Art and the Contemporary Culture Centre.

All electronic music lovers should not miss this because apart from the big international acts, underground and experimental artists also get a chance to share the platform.

San Bernabe Festival Marbella

San Bernard is the patron saint of Marbella in Andalucia which celebrates in fine style the first week of June each year.

This week-long fair includes many traditional elements such as food, entertainment and gastronomy.

There are lots of familiar Casetas that are set up for the fair and where the parties go on all night long!

The actual San Bernabe is held on the 11th June so the annual festival and feria is always organised around that day which is a local holiday.

Visitors are treated to a spectacular firework display held near the beach area close to the El Fuerte Hotel at the eastern end of Marbella.

Granada’s Ham and Water Festival

The quality of cured ham and pure water from the natural springs of Alpujarras provides two key ingredients for celebrating Saint John the Baptist’s Day.

Water buckets, hose pipes and water guns get blazing at the stroke of midnight.

During the day everyone is fair game when it comes to getting a good drenching. The night is then celebrated with copious amounts of locally brewed beer and wine along with plate fulls of the finest local cured ham.

Grec Performance Arts – End of June

Theatre, dance, circus, and music all get to shine during the Grec Festival in  Barcelona.  The festival is one of the highlights of the summer attractions in Barcelona as well as the annual calendar of the European performing arts.

All the shows are well organised largely by private sector theatre promoters.

The festival’s name is derived from the venue Greek theatre which was built to host the Mount Montjuïc Universal Exhibition in 1929.

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Best Festivals in Spain - Month by Month

National Holidays in Spain

Jan 1st -  New Years Day - Ano Nuevo
Jan 6th - 12th night, The Three Kings  - Dia de los Reyes
Mar 19th - Fathers Day - San Jose
Variable - Good Friday - Viernes Santo
May 1st - Labour Day - Dia del Trabajador
Aug 15th -  Assumption - Dia del Asuncion
Oct 12th - Spanish National Day - Dia de la Hispanidad
Nov 1st -  All Saints Day - Todos los Santos
Dec 6th -  Constitution Day - Dia de la Constitucion<
Dec 8th -  Immaculate Conception - Imaculada Concepcion
Dec 25th - Christmas Day - Navidad