The weather in Spain is one of the most stable in Europe


Temperatures in Spain

Ask most visitors to Spain their top reason for visiting Spain and most will vote for the sunny weather, and most parts of this country, specially in the south, has it in abundance.  Most holiday makers will visit Spain during the summer months ( May to September ) because of the enviable climate of mostly warm dry and sunny conditions.

Although Spain has one of the best climates in the world you may be surprised by some of the temperature extremes recorded on the mainland and the islands.

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The Climate in Spain

Spain lies in the temperate zone and its climate is determined by its unusual world position, its continental land mass and high mountainous terrain which produces one of the most diverse and varied climates in Europe.

The Cantabrian mountains in the central northern region marks the first well-defined division to Spain's climate. To the north of this range lies what we may refer to as rainy Spain, this includes the Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia. This region has a maritime climate par excellence, with only slight variations in temperature, mild winters and cool summers, lots of cloud and frequent rainfall during the winter months.

This climate in Spain as a whole is typical of western Europe that favours a northern European type of vegetation. In terms of surface area, rainy Spain accounts for about a third of the country, while the other two thirds make up dry the dryer warmer part of Spain.

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The Rain in Spain

Large areas of Spain have an average rainfall of around 600mm a year, however a large part of the country has an altitude of 660 meters which is a constraint to agriculture. Many a farmer wished there land would lie below this height as they would invariably receive more rainfall each year and produce more crops.

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The Winds in Spain

It's not all sunshine in Spain as many areas  are prone to windy cinditions, especially during the Autumn and Spring months. Wind gusts of 170 km/h have been recorded in Los Llanos Albacete and it is almost certain that strong winds of over 200 km/h occur around the higher peaks of the mountainous regions.

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