Valencia Festivals

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A float at the Fallas Valencia festivals in Spain

Valencia Festivals are home to Las Fallas 

The month of March in Valencia can mean only one thing – the world-famous Fallas celebrations are back for another year. The Valencia festivals including the fallas are among the most popular festivals in Spain, attracting many thousands of people not only from the local area but all over Spain, and the rest of the world.

These spectacular festivities last a full five days and there are a number of different events that the whole family can enjoy, including the best local cuisine and culture, dancing, live music and fireworks.

The party carries on late into the night, and the local area of Valencia offers a beautiful backdrop for this unique annual celebration. This article explores the Fallas celebrations, and what makes this one of the most popular fiestas Spain. 



A comic float at the Fallas Valencia festivals in Spain

A comic float at the Fallas Valencia festivals in Spain


Eat Party And Dance 

The Fallas are held during the Valencia festivals every year in March, the celebrations are held to commemorate Saint Joseph in Valencia, one of Spain’s most historic and beautiful cities.

Valencia attracts visitors from all over the world, who flock to the area to visit the museums, galleries, restaurants, shops and attractions. Many of hotels in the city offer beautiful views of the stunning city, its street and beyond, and the city is known as being one of the most beautiful in Europe.

However, every March, a number of celebrations take place during the Fallas, and several towns in the Valencian community also take part and hold their own celebrations.


A futuristic float at the fallas Valencia festivals in Spain

A futuristic float at the fallas Valencia festivals in Spain


What To Expect When You Visit The Fallas 

If you have never visited the Fallas in Valencia before, the sights, sounds and smells might be overwhelming at first, especially if you are not used to noisy festivals in Spain.

However, you will love the different processions that parade up and down the city streets. Some of the processions are about historical events, while others have religious significance and others are just plain hilarious.

One of the traditions of the festival is to throw bangers – a type of firework – into the streets which can be quite a shock if one catches you unaware.

The event is held at the same time every March, although there have been talks to change the date so that some of the events can take place during the weekend to attract more people to the event.

Regardless, the Fallas has been one of Valencia’s traditions for many years and it looks like it will continue for many years to come.