January Festivals and Fiestas

Spain is a nation known to have the most party-loving inhabitants in all of Europe; their zest for life and love of their culture and history is well documented. Because of this, all across Spain there are numerous festivals or fiestas happening each and every month, January is no exception.

Top January festivals in Spain include the three kings, the Tamborrada in San Sebastian and the Fiestas de San Anton.

Three Kings Day  – 6th January

This festival is held between the evening of January 5th and the main event on the 6th which is a national holiday.  The three kings parade is probably the most eagerly awaited January festival in Spain by every child in the land.

Whole communities come out and participate in street processions where children are gifted with candy.

Traditionally it is when the long awaited Christmas presents are handed around to family and friends. The real fun comes in the form of colourful processions which take place in the early evening of the 5th January.

Town centres across the land  fill up with decorated floats which meander slowly along the chosen routes.  Children go wild as thousands of kilos of sweets are thrown from the floats to  the beckoning crowds.

La Tamborrada Festival San Sebastian

The Tamborrada is is one of the loudest festivals in Spain, held in San Sebastian on the 19th and 20th of January each year.  Hundreds of drummers, parade the streets making as much noise as is humanly possible.

This famous street party starts around midnight on the 19th January and is one of the most anticipated fiestas held in the Basque country during the year.   Great fun and an impressive spectacle, and one where ear drums come in very handy.

» Official website for the Tamborrada Festivals

Festival of San Anton - Canillas de Albaida - Malaga

The festival of San Anton is a celebration in honour of San Anton, the Patron Saint and protector of animals and held closest to the 17th January each year. The festival started around the 17th century and usually begins with traditional bonfires” Lumbres”  followed by fireworks and small street processions.

» Official Website of Canillas de Albaida

Jarramplas - Caceres

Another one of Spain's great food fights, only this time its turnips instead of tomatoes. This unusual festival is held in the small village or Piornal in Caceres and goes back centuries.

Local young men dress up in highly protective scary colourful costumes and then get duly pelted by people throwing hard turnips at them, not for the faint hearted this one but great fun all the same.

The exact origins of he Jarramplas festival are open to debate, depending on who you talk to in the village, the most common theory is that it represents a cattle thief punished by the local residents.

Andalucia Festivals

5th  - Cordoba Chocolate Festival -  Website

6th  - Romeria a la Aldea de Rocio Pilgimage - La Palma del Condado - Huelva

16th - Las Lumbres de San Antono - Jaen Andalucia

16th - Bonfires at Hoguera de San Antono - Ubeda Jaen Province Andalucia

17th - Fireworks and fun during the San Anton Festivals held in Nerja, Malaga, Granada and Alhaurin el Grande.

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The top festivals and fiestas by month

Public holiday calendar in Spain

Jan 1st -  New Years Day - Ano Nuevo
Jan 6th - 12th night, The Three Kings  - Dia de los Reyes
Mar 19th - Fathers Day - San Jose
Variable - Good Friday - Viernes Santo
May 1st - Labour Day - Dia del Trabajador
Aug 15th -  Assumption - Dia del Asuncion
Oct 12th - Spanish National Day - Dia de la Hispanidad
Nov 1st -  All Saints Day - Todos los Santos
Dec 6th -  Constitution Day - Dia de la Constitucion<
Dec 8th -  Immaculate Conception - Imaculada Concepcion
Dec 25th - Christmas Day - Navidad