6 Hidden Gems To Visit When Travelling Through Spain

Finding a destination in Spain during the summer that is not completely packed with tourists can be challenging. Particularly as there are cities such as Barcelona that play host to millions of tourists a year. However, it is not impossible.

Allow us to give you some insight into 6 hidden gems that you can visit when travelling to Spain either this year or in the near future.

Arcos de la Frontera  - Andalucia

Balanced upon a rocky limestone cliff, the village of Arcos de la Frontera is a perfect collection of whitewashed homes for you to explore.

The tangled labyrinth of cobbled streets is perfect for some of the world’s best views and even better for budding photographers to capture amazing landscape images.

Whether you decide to take a hike up to the castle or you are just looking to admire some of the best architecture, there are a number of reasons why this amazing little village is well worth a visit when travelling through Spain.

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Girona Catalonia Travel
Girona Catalonia

If you are someone who loves walking, then a trip to Girona is perfect for you. With a number of amazing views as well as medieval walks that have spectacular views over the city, you can see some of the very best architecture that Spain has to offer.

The Onyar River also flows right through the middle of this glorious city and can be seen in all its glory from the Eiffel Bridge. This is the perfect location for you to visit if you are looking for an affordable holiday in Spain away from the tourist traps and enjoy some of the very best of Spanish culture.


Murcia City
Murcia City


The beautiful region of Murcia on the Spanish coast boasts over 3,000 hours of sunshine per year and is home to warm water across a number of beaches.

Whether you love water sports or you are just looking to enjoy the relaxing nature of the sea then this is the perfect location for you.

If spending time at the beach does not appeal to you, then visiting an open-air spa or a therapeutic mud bath can help you to enjoy all that Spain has to offer without getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of the popular tourist destinations.

The city of Murcia if often overlooked when it comes to day trips however this historic city boasts a charming old quarter with a stunning cathedral at its heart.

There are also plenty of authentic tapas bars and old cafes to ensure a memorable visit to one of Span's oldest cities

Valles Pasiegos


The spectacular Valle Pasiegos is located within the picturesque region of Cantabria, Northern Spain. When visiting Valles Pasiegos, there is plenty for you to explore.

With a number of amazing hotels for the very best of accommodation during the course of your trip as well as rolling hills as far as the eye can see.

You can experience the very best of the weather and the views that Spain has on offer. In addition to this, there are a number of popular Spanish festivals and events taking place in this region throughout the course of the year, making it the perfect place to relax and unwind whether you are travelling alone, or with your friends and family.


Peniscola Costa Azahar Travel
Peniscola Costa Azahar

Yet another coastal town that is well worth a visit is the city of Peniscola located win the Autonomous Region of Valencia.

With amazing beaches, a number of castles and churches as well as the sea museum to visit, this is the perfect place to take the family.

With a deep marine history as well as the pope Luna castle erected between the years of 1294 and 1307, you can experience multiple years worth of history without having to leave your local area.

This is particularly beneficial if you are looking for a last-minute holiday destination as the weather during the summer months is perfect for those looking to top up on their summer tan.

Islas Cies

Cies Islands Beach Pontevedra
Cies Islands Beach Pontevedra


The final location that is well worth a place on this list is Islas Cies which are located n Pontevedra within the province of Galicia, North West Spain.  This location is outstanding for those that are looking for their very own slice of paradise off of the Spanish coast.

With crystal blue water, tree-filled coasts and forest-covered mountains, this prestige island is the perfect example of eco-tourism in Spain at its finest.

There is only one campsite on the Isla Cies sight keeping the environmental damage to the very minimal when looking there. However, you are not compromising on the experience when camping. With a number of tents to rent both small and large as well as pitches for your own tent, you can have the perfect experience that you want with your family, or even if you are travelling alone.

Though it does not come equipped with all the benefits that you would gain from staying within a major city, you are met with an abundance of other experiences such as stargazing and nature hikes through this extensive group of national parks.

With a deep history dating back to the beginning of the bronze age and a number of invasions from the likes of the Romans, there is a deep history here that is ready and waiting to be explored.

Whether you are looking to travel to mainland Spain or are looking to visit one of its many islands, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to accommodation and activities that you can do whether you are travelling alone or with family and friends.

Where will you pick to visit when travelling through Spain?

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