October Festivals in Spain

October Festivals in Spain

October Festivals in Spain

The best October festivals in Spain

Even though October is not the busiest month when it comes to fiestas Spain offers, many people are always in a party mood during this time. Spain is all about culture, art and creativity and therefore every day in Barcelona and Madrid or any other major city there is a day for festivals.

In that case, therefore, if you are planning to come to Spain during this month, you can still be assured of the best entertainment and fun.

One thing that is for sure is that Spain erupts with fiestas Spain and celebrations all throughout the year and that means the month of October is part of the list. Here is a look at some of the main fiestas Spain offers that best define the month of October for many Spaniards.

El Dia De La Hispaniad (Celebrated all across Spain on October 12)

This is a national holiday in Spain and it is celebrated on October 12 every year. During this time, Spaniards commemorate the first time that Christopher Columbus came to the Americas. It is also during this day that a special parade is held in Madrid led by the Spanish military followed by the Royal family. A wide range of foreign dignitaries is also invited to attend this occasion.

Annual Fantasy Film and Horror Film Festival

This is another major part of the many fiestas Spain offers that are held during the month of October. It runs from mid October to early November and is normally held in San Sebastian. During this festival, a wide range of horror films are screened at different venues and mainly at the Teatro Principal together with a myriad of outdoor performances, comedy events, street theatre, and horror-related exhibitions.

If you love attending fiestas Spain offers during the month of October, this is one of the few which you cannot choose to overlook.

Festival De Otono

This festival runs for a span of four to five weeks from October to November. If you love fiestas Spain offers that are impressive and fun-filled, this is the best to sample them during October season. This autumn festival offers you well over 60 dance, theatre, and music spectacles and still remains one of the city’s main performing arts events.

During the week, a wide range of performances is conducted mainly to showcase the beauty and creativity that is Spain and its people. Major actors from across the globe normally come here to grace the occasion.


Zaragoza is home to the Fiesta del Pilar which are held the week before the 12th October each year. They are held in honour of the patron saint of the city, the Virgen del Pilar.

This is a major event for the city each year where many thousand of people pay tribute to their patron saint dressing up in colourful costumes and leaving flowers dedicated to El Pilar.  Almost 500,000 people will take part in the flower parade as well as enjoy the dances, parades and all night parties that are quite frequent during festival week.

The old town is full of authentic Spanish restaurants, and Aragon cooking is superb. Attractions include the Aljaferia castle, the greatest Moorish edifice outside Andalucia, the Roman Forum and Theatre of ancient Caesaraugusta, and the Basilica del Pilar, one of the most famous sanctuaries of the Virgin Mary in the world.


There really is so much to do and see around the city of Valencia that visitors are rarely bored when it comes to finding exciting places and attractions to visit.

Probably the most popular attraction at the moment is the City of Arts and Sciences located at the end of the Turia Gardens and just a ten minute walk from the beach and port area of Valencia.

Within the area of this top attraction you will find the fascinating Aquarium which houses the largest marine and aquarium park in the Europe. It is housed in a stunning building designed by Felix Candela and is reminiscent of one of Gaudi’s impressive works.

As well a housing the Aquarium the City of Arts and Science is this truly a modern and stunning complex where will find the planetarium, science museum, botanical gardens and the grand opera house.

Location Event
Valencia Dia de Comunidad Valenciana
Zaragoza Day of El Pilar, procession of giant figures
Zaragoza Feria de Muestras – Important samples fair showing everything from furnishings to telecommunications to Insurance.