15 Fun Things To Do In Tenerife

Tenerife is an island of immense diversity, best-known for its holiday resorts, Mount Teide volcano, sandy southern shores, excellent golf courses, green valleys and black volcanic beaches.  What ever your holiday activity preferences are there are plenty of fun attractions to explore.

Here are our top 15 fun things to do and see on Tenerife to help you plan your next holiday to the Canary Islands.


1) Visit a Volcano

Mount Teide Tenerife

Heading the list is a journey to Spain’s rooftop. Mount Teide, a slumbering giant of a volcano, Teide is Spain’s highest peak at  3/700 meters above sea level.

The terrain that surrounds Teide National Park is equally astounding, rivers of fossilized lava flow embrace the hillsides like melted candle wax and unique landscapes which have been used in classic films such as Clash of the Titans and One Million Years BC.

Its unworldly terrain is a favourite place for scientists looking to test out the latest space vehicles destined for other parts of our galaxy.

 2) Go Crazy at Carnival Time

Tenerife Carnivals

For a week in February, the streets of Tenerife’s capital are flooded with revellers who arrive from all over the world to marvel and enjoy the flamboyant costumes and unique party atmosphere.

Vibrant colours, music and jubilation create an infectious fun atmosphere, the Santa Cruz Carnivals have become one of Spain's greatest festival celebrations.

The Santa Cruz carnival’s are considered the most popular internationally, second only to Brazil's Rio festivals.

The party starts on Friday with an awe-inspiring street parade with festivities going on until the early hours and from then on it's fun all the way.

3) See a 1.000 Year Old Drago TreeDrago Tree Tenerife

Legends say that when dragons die they become dragon trees, and once you see one in real life it’s apparent why this one is amongst the most popular symbols of the Canary Islands, and maybe even the greatest treasure of Canarian flora and fauna.

Until recently, Dracaena Draco was considered to be native to Madeira, the Canary Islands and Cape Verde, however, it’s now also been seen in the wild outbacks of Morocco.

The Canary Islands are home to several remarkable dragon trees, the largest and most famed dragon tree, which is 17 meters high with a diameter of 20 meters at the foundation, stands in Icod de Los Vinos in the north of Tenerife.

The tree weighs around  70 tonnes, not including the roots, there has been much argument over the tree’s exact age, and a few say it may be over 5000 years old; however, recent estimates age the tree around a 1000 years old.

4) Enjoy Family Fun at Siam Park

Siam Park Tenerife

Siam Park, Tenerife’s new water kingdom is already established as one of the best water parks in Europe. It is set against a backdrop of spectacular Thai architecture and is a fun place for all the family to enjoy during a holiday to Tenerife.

Siam Park offers an amazing array of attractions and activities to keep the family entertained from the moment you arrive.

Chill out on a huge white sandy beach, surf at the immense Wave Palace or meander along a river through a world of tropical fish, lush landscapes and past cascading waterfalls.  Or head over to The Lost City – it’s a kids attraction that adults love!

And for all you adrenalin junkies, Siam Park has a jaw-dropping 29 thrilling rides which will test your nerves especially as you plunge down the almost vertical Tower of Power. And amazingly you can actually find out what zero gravity feels like at the Dragon Ride.

For further details about  Siam Park Tenerife tickets and prices, you could check online. 

5) Explore the Masca Marvel

Mascal Marvel Tenerife

Masca is Tenerife's answer to the lost world and is one of the most picturesque parts of Tenerife,  it is located in the northwest of the island at the foot of the Teno Mountains.

This beautiful little village may be somewhat difficult to reach but it is well worth the journey.  Hairpin bends, winding roads make for an unforgettable and often scary trip up to the village,  deep ravines, lush green flora and spectacular scenery make for an unforgettable ride to reach Masca.

Until recently it was virtually unknown as a tourist destination but has now become a firm favourite for visitors touring the island.

The setting of the village is magical as its houses perch precariously on the narrow ridges of dramatic rock formations, this place is a photographer’s dream destination.

The descent back down is as adventurous as the ride up as you snake the mounting road in a land frozen in time.

6) Enjoy a Sealife Extravaganza at Loro Park

Loro Park Tenerife

Loro Park is located close to Puerto de la Cruz close to Orotava in the north of the islands. The park is famous of its large number of colourful Parrots although it is an amazing sanctuary for a wide variety of animals and endangered species from all over the globe.

Loro Park is a tropical paradise full of wonderful plants, attractions and interesting animals. Explore the magical kingdom in the Katandra Treetops and the Penguin section which is home to the largest icebergs outside of the polar regions.

The Dolphins are a firm favourite as well as the Orca whales on show in the largest dolphin pool in Europe. Other birds and animals include Sea Lions, Parrots, Pelicans, Gorillas, Chimps, Tigers, Sharks, Emus, Cockatoos, Kookaburras and many other exotic birds.

You can buy tickets online via the Loro Park Website.

7) The stunning scenery of Los Gigantes

Los Gigantes Tenerife

Los Gigantes  ( The Giants ) is a stunning coastline located near the pretty village of Cueva del Polvo on the western side of Tenerife.

Cliffs rise up high from the sea offering the perfect place to get those impressive holiday snaps.

There is a quaint village with a  marina and popular beach area close to the foot of the cliffs which is ideal to pass a few hours admiring the view whilst enjoying lunch at one of the pavement bars and restaurants.

If you are feeling adventurous try one of the whale and dolphin excursions or fishing trips that run out of Gigantes Port or have a go at scuba diving or snorkelling in the crystal blue Atlantic waters.

8) Enjoy a sailboat experience

Sailboat Tenerife

Whale and dolphin spotting aboard the Peter Pan, an authentic Portuguese Schooner,  is highly recommended and a perfect activity for all the family.

Peter Pan is a charming sailboat based in Los Cristianos from where the trip starts. You can choose two and three-hour excursions where you will be whisked away in search of pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins.

Weather permitting the boat anchors within the La Caleta marine reserve where you can enjoy a swim in the crystal clear waters.

The three-hour trip is the most popular as there is a nice lunch aboard consisting of tasty roast chicken, rice, vegetable, salad, bread and drinks.

Free transfers are available from pick up points around Los Cristianos.  Tickets for the Peter Pan experience can be purchased via the Neptuno Website.

9) Play Golf

Golf Del Sur Tenerife

For golf lovers, Tenerife offers lots of possibilities to enjoy a round.

There are over a dozen top-class golf courses scattered all around the island including Golf Del Sur, San Andres Golf, Golf Las Americas, Abama Golf, Bellavista and La Rosaleda.

Check out or golf section for more information on golf holiday breaks to Tenerife.

10) Trek the Anaga mountain range

Anaga Mountains Tenerife

The Anaga mountain range is located on the northeastern tip of Tenerife and is an area of outstanding beauty and the perfect place to enjoy amazing walks.

Trekking paths crisscross the Anaga mountain range and there are many well-trodden treks to keep every hiking enthusiast happy.

The Anaga range was formed by volcanic eruptions around  8 to 9 million years ago and was made a protected natural park in 1987.

The highest point is just over 1.000 metres with the mountain range stretching from Punta de Anaga in the northeast to Cruz del Carmen in the southwest.

There are several impressive peaks in the range including Bichuelo, Chinobre, Pico Limante, Cruz de Taborno, Anambro, and Cruz del Carmen.

For more information on the Anaga trails check out the Walking Tenerife website.

11) Climb Red Mountain

Red Mountain Medano National Park

If you'r looking for a unique walking destination then head to the volcanic cone known as Red Mountain.

Located near the town of El Medano on the south coast of Tenerife, Red Mountain lies between two popular beaches, Playa Grande and Playa Tejita, which are frequented by the surfing and water sports community due to the often windy conditions.

Not a high mountain as you may think, it is an ideal place to chill out and watch the sunset.

12) Go underground in the Cueva del Viento

Cuevas Del Viento

The Cueva del Viento caves are located a short drive from Icod de Los Vinos in the north of the island.

These fascinating set of caves were occupied by the "Ganches" over 2000 years ago, burial remains have confirmed this, written records the caves date back to 1776.

Open to the public most days from 9 am to 6 pm the caves make for an interesting visit for all the family.

Entry tickets and more details can be found on the Cuevas del Viento website.

13) Watch a show at the Arona Pyramid

Arona Pyramid

If you fancy watching a show, the Pyramid Event Centre in Arona is the place to go.

Located within the Mare Nostrum Holiday Resort  the Pyramid is one of the largest auditoriums in Tenerife and has a capacity of for 1.600 people.

You can see live performances, authentic flamenco dance groups and international artists throughout the year. Check out the Pyramid website for upcoming events.

14) Be amazed at the sand pictures

Sand Pictures Tenerife

One of Tenerife's most usual and impressive traditions is that of sand painting. Mostly to be found in the town of Orotava in the north sand painting is thought to have started over 2000 years ago as a form of communication.

Huge sand works of art take weeks to prepare using different coloured Teide sand and crushed volcanic rock.

Enjoy stunning sunsets and scenery

Tenerife Sunset

One thing for sure on the Island of Tenerife, and that is you can always find a high vantage point to enjoy a spectacular Canary Island sunset.

The pick of the best locations to enjoy Tenerife sunsets include Mount Teide, La Caleta, Playa de las Americas, Punta de Teno and Benijo.

Don't forget to check our pick of the 10 best beaches in Tenerife.

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