Playa de Las Americas Holidays – Tenerife’s Party Resort


Playa de Las Americas is a popular resort in south west Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Island chain, the resort is well know for its natural and man made beaches, vibrant nightlife and fun holiday atmosphere.  This purpose-built beach holiday resort is certainly lively, with music venues, flamencos, bars and clubs to suit everyone.

Although primarily a beaches and bars kind of resort, there are plenty of fun activities to do during the day. Golf holidays and horse-riding are popular in the area, and you could even learn to snorkel or surf on the beautiful coastline. The Central Park of Arona offers several squares and gardens to wander round and over 40 varieties of palm tree to spot, and there are traditional market stalls along the coastline selling a variety of goods.

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Enjoy the vibrant nightlife

Piramides Playa Americas
Piramides Playa Americas

Come nightfall, and the town really comes to life. Veronicas Strip is where the main party is every night, and the many bars and nightclubs open until the wee hours. Sound of Cream offers cheap drinks, dance music and a lively atmosphere popular with tourists.

If clubbing and pubbing isn’t your thing, there are some more sedate options available. The Arona Pyramid offers a range of shows from traditional flamenco, ballet and musicals. Exit Palace offers a range of live music and musicals, which varies from season to season. Most resorts also host their own entertainment, so there’s always plenty on.

Eating out in Playa de Las Americas

Papas Arrugadas - Wrinkled Potatoes
Papas Arrugadas - Wrinkled Potatoes


There are plenty of dining opportunities around the resort where ever type of food is on offer from the fast food chains to the more up market eateries. It is still generally very reasonable to eat out in Playa de Las Americas, for around 25 Euros per person you can eat and drink good quality food at many places in the  town, or you can opt for a menu del dia ( basic 2 course menu ) including bread and a drink for around 10 Euros per person, this offers the best value for your money.

Another interesting local eating choice in Playa de Las Americas  are the famous local guachinches.  The locals create makeshift stalls that serve a menu of traditional local food. In these guachinches, you can discover the locals’ way of life and enjoy authentic Canarian cooking.

If you prefer authentic Canarian cuisine, Playa de las Americas offers a number of good restaurants such as the Meson Castellano, an unusual restaurant in as much it doesn’t have a menu as such, rather the waiters will bring you dishes based on the food you like. With highly-recommended steaks and fish, and a variety of tapas including Iberian cured ham, olives and cheese, it certainly offers a genuine Spanish experience.

Papas Arrugadas ( Wrinkly Potatoes ) is a  well known Canarian dish consisting of potatoes boiled in salt water and served with a spicy red and green sauce called Mojo.

Top things to do in Tenerife

See a Volcano

Mount Teide Tenerife
Mount Teide Tenerife

Heading the list is a journey to the rooftop of Spain. Mount Teide, a slumbering giant of a volcano, is the highest peak in Spain, rising 3718 metres above sea level. El Teide is breathtakingly remarkable, revealing nature’s violent side beneath an almost constant blue sky.

The terrain in Teide National Park is equally astounding, with moon like plains,  rivers of rock lava flow embracing the mountain side like melted candle wax and awesome landscapes that have been home to many top films including the Clash of the Titans and One Million Years BC.

The landscape is also often used by scientists to test robots destined for other planets.

Enjoy family fun at the Siam Park

Siam Park Tenerife
Siam Park Tenerife

Siam Park, Tenerife’s new water kingdom is amongst the best water parks in the world. Set against a backdrop of magnificent Thai structure it is a park unlike any other and a perfect place for the whole family to enjoy a day of fun.

The impressive facilities at the park include a chance to stretch out on the enormous white sand beach, catch the surf at the astounding Wave Palace or meander by means of a world of tropical fish along a river, flowing over cascading waterfalls and verdant landscapes.

For the young and also the young at heart head for The Lost City – it is a children attraction that adults love!

Go wild at Carnival

Carnivals of Spain

For a week the roads of Tenerife’s capital are flooded with revelers from all around the planet, in search of music, colour, jubilation and fun. The Carnavals held on the island have become one of the world’s greatest parties, an explosion of joyfull fun and glitter that perfectly brings together the carnival essence  for a few days a year. If your looking to see at least one of Spain’s festivals then the carnivals of Santa Cruz are well worth visiting.

See a 1.000 year old Drago Tree

Drago Tree Tenerife
Drago Tree Tenerife

Legends say that when dragons die they become dragon trees, and it is clear why this living fossil is among the symbols of the Canary Islands, and one of the great treasures of Canarian flora. Until recently, Dracaena draco was regarded as native to Madeira, the Canary Islands and Cape Verde; yet, it’s now also been seen in wild populations in Morocco.

The islands are home to numerous impressive dragon trees, today, the greatest and most famed dragon tree, which is 17 metres high and has a diameter of 20 metres at the foundation, stands in Icod de Los Vinos (Tenerife). It weighs approximately 150 tonnes not including the roots.

There has been much debate over the tree’s exact age, and some say it can be over 5000 years old; however, recent estimates suggest the tree is no more than 800 to 1000 years old.

Explore the Masca Marvel

Mascal Marvel Tenerife
Mascal Marvel

Masca is Tenerif’s solution to the lost world and is one of the very scenic regions of the isle and is situated in the northwest at the foot of the Teno Mountains. This beautiful small hamlet might be somewhat hard to reach but it is well worth the journey, which takes you through deep ravines winding roads with hairpin bends and interlaced with lush green flora.

The scenery on the way is breathless and the natural beauty of the spectacular place is overwhelming once you reach Masca.

Until lately it was almost unknown, but has now become a center of fascination for those touring the island. The setting of the village is bewitching and its own houses perch on the narrow ridges of dramatic rock formations. It truly is a photographer’s dream destination.

A snaking descent along a narrow mountain road adds an awareness of experience to arriving somewhere that feels suspended in time.

Play Golf in Tenerife

Golf Del Sur Tenerife
Golf Del Sur Tenerife

Tenerife has the perfect all year round climate for golfing holidays as well as some top class golf courses.  Winter golf breaks Tenerife are a must, when the rest of northern Europe is in the middle of a cold winter you can rest assured that you will be greeted by warm temperatures, ideal for a round or two.   One of the most popular golf courses is located at  Amarilla Golf and the Gold Del Sur golf club.


Tours & Excursions

Recommended accommodation in Playa de la Americas

Luxury High-End

One of the most popular luxury hotels on Tenerife is the  5 star Hotel Las Madrigueras. Located close to the main attractions the hotel offers modern air conditioned rooms, a golf course, Turkish bath, Spa and beauty centre, restaurant and an all inclusive breakfast buffet. Reviewer Rating: 9.9

Mid Range

The 4 star Golf Resort Playa de las Americas is a firm favorite if you are looking for value for money accommodation in the  mid range bracket. Located in a tranquil area to the north of the town it offers convenient access to Playa de las Americas, Los Cristianos and Adeje. Reviewer Rating: 10.0

Budget Accommodation

The 3 star Catalonia Oro Negro is located a short drive from Adeje and offers large modern air conditioned rooms, free Wi-Fi, a kids club and a rooftop terrace. It is located in close proximity to a number of popular bars, clubs and restaurants. Reviewer Rating:  7.9