Top Tips On How To Travel With Your Dog

Traveling with your dog

Now that you have decided to travel with your dog, you will need to look for ways to contain it so that it does not disturb you or other passengers. This is especially important when you take public transporation.

It is also important to ensure the safety of your dog when traveling and to make sure the journey is stress-free for the dog. Note that how you contain your dog will depend on the type of journey you will be taking, whether by plane, car, motorcycle or train.

Here are ways you can contain your dog.

  1. Use Dog Travel Boxes and Crates

Whether you are traveling by car, plane or train, dog travel crates come in handy to ensure your dog is safe during the journey. There are different types of boxes such as metal, soft dog, hard plastic and heavy duty crates.

The type of dog travel crate you choose will depend on how you are traveling and the size of your dog. The crate should be appropriate for your mode of travel. For instance, the soft crate is suitable for car travel while the hard plastic dog crate can be used when traveling by plane or by vehicle.

The mesh dog carrier is approved by airlines and therefore best when you are traveling by plane while you can use the heavy duty box when traveling long distance by car.

When you use dog travel crates, you ensure that your dog is safe and may not be injured in case of an accident especially when you are traveling by car.

If you are traveling by plane, the dog crates ensure that the dog is safely secured especially if it is in the cargo hold.

  1. Containing your Dog when Travelling by Car

To ensure that your dog is safe when traveling by car, you can contain it by putting it in a dog crate and placing it at your car’s back seat.  This way, the dog will not interfere with you when you are driving and it will reduce the chances of it getting injured especially in case of an accident. Ensure that you secure the crate so that it does move in case of an accident or if you brake suddenly.

Alternatively, you can secure the dog in the car using a dog safety belt and a harness if you don’t want to put it in a dog crate.

  1. Containing your Dog when Traveling by Air

You should check with the airline first if you want to travel with a dog. Some airlines do not allow dogs while others will only allow your pet to travel with you only if you put it in a crate that it approves.

Some airlines allow dogs weighing below 10 Kilos ( 20 pounds) to travel in the cabin provided they are properly secured. Dogs above that weight travel in the cargo hold when inside a dog crate that is approved by the airline.

  1. Always have a Harness

Whichever mode of transport you are using, you should always have your dog harness because you will need it to safely secure your dog. For instance, if you are traveling by air, you will need the harness to secure the dog during security screening.

If traveling by car and not using a dog crate, you can use the harness to secure the dog in the vehicle. You should attach the harness to the dog’s car seat belt.

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