Driving Around Northern Spain

Driving in Spain

The north of Spain is a spectacular region of stunning scenery, a colourful vibrant culture, energetic cities, sleepy coastal towns and rugged coastlines.

Driving around northern Spain is highly recommended and one of the best ways to truly discoverer this fascinating region,  with every stop over offering something unique.  Here are a few interesting routes to try around northern Spain which offers spectacular scenery, mountain roads,  picturesque lanes and many quaint towns and villages to explore along the way.

1. The Cinco Villas

If colourful history, stunning architecture and an insight into traditional, authentic Spain is your thing, this 90 kilometre drive will not disappoint.

You can begin your journey either at Tauste and heading north, stopping at the villages of Ejea de los Caballeros, Sábada, Uncastillo and Sos del Ray Católico respectively, or complete the route heading from south to north.

Either way, these five historic villages offer a plethora of medieval castles and churches, Roman ruins, mausoleums and markets, and allow ample opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating history and architectural beauty of Spain.

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2. Drive from Vielha to Esterri d’Aneu

The 42 kilometre drive from the small Pyrenean city of Vielha to the charming town of Esterri d’Aneu will expose you to the dramatic, awe-inspiring Pyrenees mountain range, which is, arguably, one of the most naturally beautiful areas of Spain.

The route takes drivers over the Bonaigua Pass, and the views throughout this journey are nothing short of postcard-perfect.

The endless mountains and surrounding national parks make this area of Spain ideal for nature-loves and hikers alike, and both Vielha and Esterri d’Aneu make ideal bases for those looking to immerse themselves in Spain’s Great Outdoors.

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3. The Basque Coast

The great thing about driving the coastline of Spain’s Basque Country is you can start just about anywhere, drive in any direction, and hit places worth seeing.

Being on the coast, there’s no shortage of beautiful beaches, dramatic, rugged cliffs and charming coastal villages to see, so be the master of your own destiny and go with your instincts on where to stop!

For inspiration, the coastal city of San Sebastian is one of northern Spain’s most popular destinations, boasting a lively atmosphere, delightful urban beach and array of historical landmarks, while the charming fishing villages of Getaria and Lekeitio provide relaxing, laid-back bases for exploration of the coast.

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4. Valle del Jerte


Following the Rio Jerte (Jerte River) along the N110 for approximately 70 kilometres will allow you views of the Jerte Valley and surrounding rural, mountainous area. Unique and beautiful due to the spectacular vision of cherry blossom trees blanketing the area every spring – but only for a short period of time though, so factor this in to your plan!

The Jerte Valley is perfect for hiking and exploring Spain’s natural beauty, and for those looking to make the most of the weather and the stunning open spaces and try a variety of outdoor activities, including quad biking, horse riding and mountain biking.



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