Best Small Cameras For Travelling Spain

Are you thinking of traveling once this pandemic is over? Well, who isn’t, right? Whether you plan to travel with your friends and family or even go on a solo trip, you must carry a camera with you. Nowadays, even though our phones come with an inbuilt camera lens, it still doesn’t come close to an actual camera.

If you are looking to purchase a small camera for your next trip to Spain, then this article will help you out with your search. Give this article a try and read to know what kind of a camera you should buy, the features you need to look for, and more.

What to Consider While Looking for a Travel Camera?

Best Small Cameras

The first thing that can help you narrow down your options while looking for a travel camera is where you’re traveling. Suppose it’s a long trip to a place like Europe, a small staycation, or an adventurous, close-to-nature kind of trip.

For example, if it’s an adventure-filled trip somewhere wild, you’d require a camera that has a longer zoom less. If it’s a long trip that you are planning, where you’ll be visiting a bunch of different places and monuments, it’s better to buy a lightweight camera. A heavy camera like a DSLR will not be the perfect fit then.

Your mobile phone, although a great portable option for shooting videos and clicking good pictures, do not come equal to a camera that has a better quality image, and good manual control, and greater comfort.

Another important consideration is your budget. You should decide a budget under which you intend to buy your camera; to look for features and qualifications that you want for your camera, which is available under your set budget. This, too, can help in narrowing down your list.

What to Look for in a Travel Camera?

Best Small Cameras

With the changing technology and newer and better cameras being introduced in the market, it becomes difficult to select any one specific from the entire range. There are several different brands available in the market, such as Sony, Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, etc., which are all fabulous and trusted brands.

However, after all these factors, there are several explicit features to take into consideration or look for in your travel camera, such as the following.

Optical zoom: A good quality camera provides an optical zoom, which is the truest form of image modification. You may reckon that the optical zoom will offer the best image quality ever. A travel camera should offer a good amount of zoom range because you will be needing that while capturing the pictures.

Optical image stabilization: If you don’t know too much about cameras, this term may seem too ambiguous, but in reality, it’s not. The image stabilization mechanism helps in stabilizing the image you capture and prevents it from blurring due to any unnecessary hand movement. Any good camera will offer this mechanism.

Durability: When buying a camera, you should look for its durability. That’s why you should always choose a good camera brand such as Nikon or Canon or Sony. When buying from trusted companies, you can be assured that your camera is going to last for a long time.

Compact: A good travel camera needs to be compact, one that can be easily carried in your bag and is travel-friendly. It does not make any sense to invest in a heavy camera because it’s not practical to carry a bulky camera on vacation. Nikon and Sony provide many pocket-friendly cameras, which are great options.

Simplicity: We understand that not everyone is a photography enthusiast and just want a simple, easy-to-use camera for their travel experience. You may not want to explore too many of the camera settings and just stick with normal operations such as a point-and-shoot flash, easy zooming options, and so.

Value for money: No matter how cheap or expensive a camera you buy, it should be a good value for money product because it makes sense only then. Your purchase should be based on all of your camera requirements being met.

Suppose you are into photography and want several other features except for the above-mentioned ones. In that case, you may look for a camera with an option of manual mode, which gives you control over many camera settings. You may also look for a camera with a low aperture value, which can help you with low-light photography situations.

What Are Some of the Best Cameras for Travel?

Sunset Costa del Sol
Sunset Costa del Sol

Given below are some of the best travel cameras to buy for your next holiday in Spain. Please take a look at them.

Nikon: The Nikon Z50 and D3500 are two of the best DSLR camera that you should consider as your options because they will meet the requirements of a DSLR and compactness. Both of them are beginner-friendly, which is an additional benefit if you a novice.

Canon: Canon Powershot G5 X Mark ll and EOS Rebel SL3/250D are two other fantastic options as your travel companions. They both feature 4k video, the former is a compact option, and the latter has the touch screen control facility.

Panasonic: Panasonic Lumix ZS200/TZ200 and GX80/ GX85 are two of the best travel cameras to buy in 2020. They are a viable option for a beginner and enthusiast with a good lens and a decent zoom range.

Sony: Sony Cybershot RX 10 lV and DSC-HX99 are two of the top-notch cameras offered by Sony, especially for traveling. Granted that they are expensive, but they’ll give you the largest zoom while being the smallest in size.

I guess now you are fully informed about all the “must-have” small camera for travel. So keep traveling, and keep clicking.




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