Packing List for Traveling with a Child

Travelling With Kids

Traveling is the best way to make beautiful memories, especially with your children. It’s a fun and exciting way to educate your kids about different cultures and the fascinating history of some of the best destinations in Spain and around the world.

But let’s face it. Taking your kids to a trip locally or abroad can be stressful too. Just as some days at home can be tough, some days on a family holiday can be full of challenges too. Kids, especially toddlers, can be fussy at times. They can get easily bored too. More than anything, they are needy angels who need you by their side every step of the way. They also get stressed easily during travels because of the new environment.

The key is to plan ahead. Make sure to check this packing list to make traveling with your toddler more fun, less stressful, and a lot more enjoyable!


Packing List for Traveling with a Toddler

If you think you need more. You actually need way more! Here is the list of items you should never forget to include in your luggage:

  • Nappy bag. Bring extra nappies in case of emergencies and delayed flights. Have plenty of baby wipes and pack the right toiletries.
  • Plastic bag. Have plenty for storing soiled nappies, clothes and shoes. Bring resealable plastic bags too. You will need them to prevent food, medicine, and toiletries from leaking.
  • Disinfecting wipes. Your plane seat probably has not been cleaned for a long time. It could be harbouring bacteria that can cause indigestion, cold and flu, and other health problems to your poor baby. The last thing you want to experience is traveling with a sick baby. Wipe off the seat clean before resting in. Disinfecting wipes also come in handy when having to clean door handles, gadgets and all sorts of surfaces.
  • Blankets. Pack a few to ensure that your baby stays warm and comfortable throughout the flight or long road trip.
  • Clothes. The rule is to pack at least two outfits for each day. Depending on where you are going, choose the right types of clothing. Your goal is to keep your baby feeling comfortable throughout your family travel. Don’t forget her jammies! She needs to have a good night sleep each time.
  • Portable highchair. You want to make feeding easier especially when you’re not at home. Plus, not all restaurants have high chairs. Bringing one saves the day.
  • His/Her favourite toys. Pack one or two of your child’s favourite toys. She needs them to feel more comfortable even if she’s in a strange place.
  • Portable play area or play yard. Your toddler needs some playtime. Give him/her a safe place to do so.
  • Collapsible stroller. Bring a lightweight umbrella stroller. When you’re exploring a new place or city, you could be walking several hours. And even if your child is a strong walker, they will surely get tired too. A stroller is a life-saver!
  • Snacks. Especially if your baby has a special diet, it pays to pack her own food.
  • Medicines, vitamins and first aid kit. Never forget these. You should prioritize your baby’s health at all times.


Important Packing Tips

While the idea is to pack everything your baby needs, you still don’t want to overpack. No one knows your baby more than you. You should be able to determine how much of these and that your toddler needs to make it through a day comfortably. Overpacking can be as stressful as insufficient packing is. You don’t want to be carrying lots of stuff when you travel, which could cost you more time, energy and money.

Start packing a few days in advance. This way, you have enough time to double check everything and make sure you don’t miss a thing. Learn how to pack neatly and wisely. You will find some packing videos on YouTube very useful. If you have two or more kids, make a separate packing list for each one. Put a mark on items that need to be packed last minute (such as your baby’s favorite toy or blanket).

Packing can be an overwhelming process especially when you have very young children. But if you plan ahead and take note of this packing list, things will get easier.

Have a great trip!

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