Casino Venues To Visit In Spain

A lot of things come to mind when you imagine how you might amuse yourself during your holiday to Spain.

The country is known for it's many cultural and historic attractions as well as vibrant nightlife, however, there is an alternative form of entertainment in the way of several interesting live casino venues.

An evening spent in a casino is a fun way to relax and entertain yourself, as well as potentially hang out with any friends you may be traveling with.

It’s always important to be responsible when real money is on the line, but so long as you’re careful, a casino can still make for a really fun night out.

Casino de Ceuta


Casino Barcelona

Barcelona’s main casino is naturally one of the biggest draws in the country in this category. It’s a chic, modern venue though one that’s not overflowing with gaudy frills and noisy attractions. You can play most popular casino games here, and the casino also has its own bar (La Taverna) and a few on-site restaurants that can make your night out there more complete.

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Casino de Ibiza

There are reasons beyond clubbing to visit Ibiza, including its legendary sunsets, excellent beaches, and old towns, among other things.

We can also add casino gaming to the list, because Casino de Ibiza may be the finest casino on this list.

Somewhat more of a destination venue even than Casino Barcelona, it actually shares a sort of modern elegance without being too over-the-top in nature.

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Admiral Casino & Lodge

Located in Malaga, this is actually a little bit more of a traditional, glitzy casino in appearance and atmosphere, and it’s all about group entertainment.

In addition to over 40,000 square feet of traditional gaming space, Admiral Casino & Lodge provides restaurants, live bingo games, and even the occasional live musical performance.

Casino de Ceuta by Luckia

Casino de Ceuta is the most unique gaming venue listed here, and though it’s vaguely gimmicky it’s also quite nice.

The casino is built into a castle-like structure in the town of Ceuta, and includes its own seaside resort amenities as well (such as a very pretty and relaxing pool area). It’s perhaps the most memorable place to enjoy casino gaming in Spain.

Casino Gran Madrid Torrelodones

Designed to be somewhat more upscale, this Madrid casino is a place to dress up, enjoy the games and potentially some live music, and have a meal at a fine restaurant.

It’s not particularly grand in terms of outward appearance, at least compared to the world’s great casinos, but the idea is to enjoy a slightly more refined experience inside.

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Casino Torrequebrada

Casino Torrequebrada

The renowned Casino Torrequebrada is one of the oldest and most popular located on the Costa del Sol.

The Casino is located within the 4 star Hotel Estival Torrequebrada, a quite stunning hotel located right next to the beach and a perfect place to stay en enjoy a luxury break in Southern Spain.

There are classic roulette to poker tables as well as a bar/restaurant, perfect to enjoy dinner a la carte.


  •  Gambling should be a fun responsible adult pastime, if you feel that is not the case then please check out the Gambling Aware website and helpline.

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