Explore Charming Quaint Streets Around Spain

There is something exciting about exploring the back streets and alleyways of a beautiful Spanish town or city,  streets and pathways are where you will find the every day normal life of the locals going about their daily business, they are the beating heart of every urban area and say a lot about the people who live around them.

The streets in Spain reflect the architecture, culture and atmosphere of the area where each one is found.

Villajoyosa – Alicante

Alicante Villajoyosa Street

This street can be found in the historic town of Villajoyosa in the province of Alicante in South East Spain. Located just down the road from the bustling beaches of Benidorm, Villajoyosa is a a fishing village with lots of character and a real hidden gem. With lost of gnarled backstreets and alleyways to explore you will not be disappointed in exploring the hidden streets of this charming coastal town.

Aguimes – Gran Canaria

Aguimes Gran Canaria Street

Aguimes is a charming town located on the Eastern side of the Island of Gran Canaria.   You will enjoy strolling around the historic centre and these typical streets where the homes are made using local rock.  Check out the Parish of San Sebastian, a large stone building in the style of a cathedral and one of the best examples of neoclassical architecture on the Canary Islands.

Tarragona – Catalonia

Tarragona Street

If you are a fan of Catalonia in north west Spain then a visit to Tarragona is a must.  This is a beautiful city located around an hours train ride from the Barcelona and just 10 minutes from Reus airport.  Tarragona was once the capital of the Roman empire in Spain so there are plenty of historic sites to explore and mull over as you stroll around the charming streets of the city.  Top attractions include the amphitheatre with its amazing views over the city. Tarragona is noted for its history, amazing beaches  and the abundance of delicious fine wine and gastronomic delights.

San Sebastian

San Sebastian Street

No respectable guide about finding the perfect city stroll would be complete without mentioning the beautiful city of San Sebastian. Located in the stunning Basque region of northern Spain, this is must place to visit for any city street loving person. There is so much to see and do in San Sebastian you it will keep you occupied for weeks.  Stunning beaches, amazing gastronomy, unique tapas and the plethora or historic sites are among the most popular attractions.


Pamplona Street

Pamplona is an historic city located ion the Basque region of northern Spain and along with  San Sebastian is one of the main reasons why everyone should visit  this charming area of Spain at least once.  Pamplona is home to one of the most famous festivals in the world, the San Fermines bull running festival is held in June each year and fillss the town with visitors from all over the world looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush.

Marbella – Andalucia

Marbella Old Town Street

The town of Marbella is world renowned for being the playground of the rich and famous on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain. However it is also home to the old quarter and many other areas where you can explore the charming and tranquil back streets which reveal another side to this famous beach resort. Beautiful white washed homes,  Andalucian patios and an explosion of colourful flowers are just some of the plus points when strolling around the streets of Marbella.

Mallorca Streetlife

Mallorca Street

Mallorca is the largest and most visited destination within the Balearic chain of islands.  Most people wil stay around the coastal beach resorts  during their stay on this special of Mediterranean islands, however just a few miles away from the busy costas you will find lots of quaint villages well worth exploring.


Granada Street

The amazing  city of  Granada is located in the heart of Andalucia and is arguably the best city to visit in this remarkable region of Spain.  Home to the Alhambra Palace and the Sierra Nevada Mountain range and ski resort , Granada really does offer so much to visitors.  Strolling around the historic streets, avenidas and alleyways of Granada is a real treat with so many areas to discover.  Top places to explore on foot include the old gypsy quarter at Sacramonte, Albaicin and the vibrant old streets around Granada Cathedral, which is where you will find some of the best tapas in Andalucia.


Cordoba Street

Cordoba is another must visit historic city located in central Andalucia in Southern Spain. This city like no other is the testament to three great cultures which are evident all around the city.  Cordoba was the former capital of Moorish Spain, who began the construction of Cordoba’s Great Mosque, La Mezquita, as an alternative to Mecca.  A stroll around the old quarter will reveal so many of the historic treasures including the Great Mosque, the Jewish Synagogue and the Roman Ruins.  Foodies will not be disappointing as there are numerous small family run tapas bars scattered all around the city where you can enjoy local delicacies such as black foot ham, oxtail, Anchovies in vinegar sauce or the sweet and salty fried aubergine and honey sauce.

Combarro – Galicia

Combarro Galicia Street

Galicia is a stunningly beautiful region in North West Spain and well worth visiting anytime of the year.  Galicia is full of charming villages which are reminiscent of Ireland with old stone buildings surrounded by lush green vegetation.  Combarro is located on the western coastline coast within the Pontevedra Estuary.  There are plenty of old streets to explore with a number of inviting bars and cafeterias along the way.

Gothic Quarter Barcelona

Barcelona Gothic Quarter

Barcelona is visited by millions each year and its easy to see why once your there. The city offers just about everything a curious traveller can ask for from historic sites to great restaurants and shops.  If you have never visited Barcelona before then the Gothic Quarter is a great place to start discovering this special Catatonian city.

Aviles – Asturias

Asturias Street

Asturias is one of the most picturesque regions of Spain with its large area of green fields, pretty towns and villages and charming properties.  Asturias offers visitors a selection of national parks, an amazing coastline with some of the best beaches in Spain. Top cities to find those perfect backstreets include the old quarters of Ovieda and Gijon, Aviles, Canga de Onis and Langrejo.

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