Mojacar is a stunning white washed village in Almeria

Mojacar is a picture postcard whitewashed village located on the eastern coastline of Almeria, it is located high up in the foothills of the Cabrera mountain range and is one of the those old Spanish villages that once found just begs to be explored.  The old town ( Mojacar Pueblo ) itself is situated about 2 kms from the beach and impressively clings to a rocky hillside with privileged views over the surrounding mountains, countryside and Mediterranean sea.

Mojacar has a long history stretching back over 4000 years, having been populated by the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Greeks although it was under Moorish rule that Mojacar really began to flourish.

Built around a castle the town walls were expanded and fortified and during those occupations Mojacar was witness to many a bloody battle. Around the middle of the 19th century Mojacars fortunes began to change when its population started to decline, mainly because of the severe droughts it suffered due to its geographical position in the region ( technically the only dessert in Europe ).

This was to continue until the 1960s when the local council at the time decide to give away land to anyone who promised to build on it, the offer was eagerly accepted and once again its economy soon started to flourish. The town soon became a magnet for the artistic community who through their work would spread the word of the areas beauty which in turn attracted tourists to the village,  thus bringing in much needed foreign investment.

A local tale and hotly disputed assertion is that Walt Disney was born in Mojacar. The story goes that he was the illegitimate son of a local washerwoman who fled to America to escape the disgrace, however she was unable to provide for the baby and gave him for adoption to Flora and Elias Disney, the rest as they.. is history. The story can neither be proved or disproved as no records have been found either in Chicago where the adoption took place or the archives of Mojacar which where destroyed during the Spanish civil War.

The symbol of Mojacar is the Indalo, originally a prehistoric cave drawing found near Velez Blanco, it shows a main holding a rainbow over his head and is said to bring luck therefore this unique icon can be found all over the area.

If you are like me though and relish the idea of discovering every nook and cranny of an oldie worldly charm then you will find the old town of Mojacar irresistible as it is a delightful labyrinth of winding, cobbled streets,you never know what your going to find around the corner or down the next alleyway.

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Cabo De Gata Almeria
Cabo De Gata Almeria

Spectacular beaches and coastline

Mojacar has some 17 kilometers of shoreline offering some of the best beaches in the region from virgin and empty to bustling and busy. It stretches from the Marina de la Torre coastline located in front of the Golf Course to the Sopalmo and Granatilla beaches. The following have wisely been protected from development and include Las Macenas, Cala del Peñon, Cala del Sombrerico, Bordenares.

El Cantal is the most popular of all Mojacas beaches and offers a large variety of installations, beach bars and the like to suit all tastes. Similarly, the Cueva del Lobo and Ventanicas beaches are always popular with visitors, although the sand here is courser and not to everyone’s liking.

For true beach enthusiasts a visit to the Virgin beaches of Mojacar is a must. These are situated to the west of the town and can be by driving towards Carboneras, look for the sign of the two towers of Macenas and El Pirulico, the Macenas tower is the gateway and leads onto the Bordeneras, Sombrerico ( nicknamed Manaca Beach after the beach bar of that name which was built from the film set of Orsen Wells,s treasure Island filmed in 1971 ) and Granatilla.

Places of Interest

La Fuente Mora (The Moorish Fountain)
The fountain dates back to Roman times and still remains a focal point in the everyday life of the village. People come from all over the area to fill up their containers with the fresh spring water which the fountain has provided for many a century, some locals can also still be found washing by hand . A history of the village is also written upon the fountain’s walls.

La Iglesia de Santa Maria (The Church of Santa Maria)
La Iglesia de Santa María dates back to the 14 th century and was originally a fortress. It became a church years later and still remains the religious centre of Mojacar life.

La Plaza Nueva (The New Square )
The view from the Plaza Nueva is one of the best in Mojaca, there’s an impressive view which extends far over the beautiful deep blue Mediterranean sea and ut over the rocky landscape and local farmlands of the area. You can also see the Valle de las Pirámides and the Mojácar la Vieja, the first prehistoric settlement of Mojácar, which was built on the side of the river “Aguas” whose estuary is found on Mojácar beach.

Puerta de la Almedina (The Old City Gate)
This was the traditional entrance to Mojacar which dates back to Moorish times. You can still see the coat of arms of Mojacar which was engraved above the arch sometime in the 15 th century.

Casa del Torreón (The Old Customs House)
Just inside the old city gate is the 18th century Casa del Torreón which acted as the customs house for Mojacar where visitors were taxed for the privilege of entering Mojacar. Its actual design dates back to 18C.

Tours & Excursions

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Recommended accommodation Mojacar

Luxury High-End

Mojacar is home to one the renowned Parador hotels, a wonderful 4 star hotel constructed in the 1960's and completely refurbished to a high standard. The Parador  has  98 well-appointed rooms that are accompanied by a range of essential amenities to ensure guests have an enjoyable stay. Reviewer Rating: 8.1

Mid Range

The 4 star Servigroup Marina Playa enjoys an ideal location close to the beach just a short drive from Mojacar village. The hotel is an easy drive from Vera and the town centre is within a short car ride from the hotel. This modern Mojacar hotel offers an indoor pool, a spa & wellness centre. Reviewer Rating: 8.1

Budget Accommodation

The Hostal El Olivar is located in Mojacar is an excellent choice when it comes to budget accommodation. This highly  rated hostel offers 8 modern clean rooms and the essentials for a comfy stay. Great location in the heart of Mojacar close to numerous eateries and bars. Reviewer Rating:  10.0