Tips For Playing Golf In Spain

Check out the golf Courses

Finca Cortesin Golf Resort

Before booking your golfing break please visit our online golf course directory for full information on each course to see if it suits your playing requirements. It will provide you with details about the course layout, facilities available, location etc. For example a lot of the courses along the Costa del sol can be quite hilly which may not suit your handicap and vice versa.


Search for the best golf package deals

There is a huge selection of accommodation on offer along the Costa del Sol and around Spain so it pays to shop around, check out the best golf holiday deals, search around for the best prices when it comes to, golf transfers, cheap car hire for golfers  with vehicles available in all sizes and prices to suit your requirements and can be picked up and returned at all the major airports around Spain.

Handicap certificates

In Spain you may be asked for proof of handicap. A certificate can normally be organised via your club secretary before departure. Most courses allow players up to a cap 36 Handicap for Ladies and 28 for Men.

Check course maintenance dates

Before booking your golf on the Costa del Sol you should make sure that you know the maintenance dates for the courses you wish to play. It is advisable to leave at least 7 days after the last day of maintenance ace has finished or you may end up with sandy and spiked greens.

Get the best tee times

In general the courses during the high season are much more quiet in the afternoon and you may wish to enjoy a much more peaceful round of golf at that time of day. Again please check with us the latest tee times offered by a particular course. In general though tee times for 18 holes would be available up to 5 pm during the summer months.

Check and book any extras in advance

Most clubs provide a complete caddie master service when it comes to club hire, shoes and trolley hire but please check with the club beforehand, once again these items can be booked well in advance . My advice is that you use your own shoes where possible, playing in rented shoes means risking blisters.

Wear the right clothing

For most golfers this may seem strange to mention. However you would bee surprised at the  amount of golfers which turn up at courses with the wrong golfing attire.   Most golf courses in Spain have quite strict rules when it comes to clothing but in general you should wear golf shoes with plastic spikes, collared shirts and the proper golf trousers. Not wearing thee right clothing may  cost you more as the club officials may ask you politely to purchase the correct clothing in the club pro shop.

Club competition dates

Check with the club that there are any competitions being played which my interrupt your golf on the desired time you wish to play.

Blue flag buggy rules

Clubs have varying rules when it comes to allowing buggies on the fairways. Some will allow it outright during the summer months, others the 90 degree rule, others will not allow it at any time during the year.  However most clubs will provide blue flags for players with health problems on request. This will allow you to use, in most cases, the 90 degree rule at least. If you think you may require a blue flag clubs will generally request a medical letter issued by your local GP. Have this prepared on arrival, again if you have any queries on this matter please contact us and we will check for you.

Golf shoe rules

Normally metal spikes are not allowed anymore and is the reason why the courses are in such good condition throughout the year. If you are still using golf shoes with spikes then our advice is leave them at home.

Public liability insurance

All clubs will have some kind of Public Liability Insurance coverage included in the green fee although it is strongly advisable that you take out your own travel insurance which will cover the extra eventualities such as medical cover, theft of clubs, repatriation etc.

Travel times

If you plan to play over several days, pace yourself and try to include a rest day in the middle of your trip. Also a long flight and sleeping in a strange bed can takes its toll so try to plan an easy first day to recuperate your strength.

Dont leave your golf etiquette at home!

Lastly and very important. Do not leave your golfing etiquette at home, !! driving buggies near greens, slow play, not letting players through, not raking bunkers, not repairing ball marks or replacing divots are frowned upon ( as in anywhere else in the world ) and you may incur the wroth of a local marshal, and in some cases will be asked to leave the course immediately. If you treat the course and other players with respect you will most certainly enjoy a perfect round of golf.

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