Travel Gear Essentials for Adventure Travelers

If you’re an avid fan of all sorts of adrenaline-inducing adventures, you know by now that one of the most important things you need to remember is to pack light but pack right. There’s nothing worse than being in the wilderness without a flashlight, a map, or a bottle of water.

To make sure you enjoy every camping, hiking and expedition you’re going to make, here’s a list of the essential adventure gear to bring with you:

Travel Gear for Adventure Travellers


A backpack

An all-around ultra-light bag is recommended. Your backpack will hold all your other adventure gear, so it needs to be sturdy enough to be able to carry your things, but light enough so it doesn’t weigh you down. The Broke Backpacker strongly recommends the Berghaus Freeflow, which will allow you to hike comfortably as it has an air technology that allows air to pass between your back and your pack.

A headlamp

For when you’re hiking or spending the night up a mountain or in the forest, it’s best to have a lightweight headlamp with you, like the Nitecore NU10. It weighs just 65 grams and provides a powerful 160-lumen glow.

An army knife

This will come in handy if you need to open cans and bottles or cut ropes. You can also use this to build your tent or, if the need arises, defend yourself.

A good set of clothes

Where you’re going will dictate what kinds of clothes you need to wear, but it’s always a good idea to bring a good pair of cargo pants, a few quick-dry workout shirts and a down jacket. On Spain Guides we have a list of the clothes you will need if you’re going dirt biking in Spain, for example—these clothes need to be able to cover you from head to toe as the scorching heat might cause a sunburn.

A tent

Apart from a good backpack, you also need to invest in a sturdy, easy-to-assemble tent. The Vango Banshee is a good choice. You also need an all-season sleeping bag and something to keep you warm like the Thermarest Neo Air.

A compass

You can track where you are with a map and an electronic navigation device, but a good old compass might just come in handy in the event that the two don’t work.

A durable pair of shoes

For extreme adventurers, you’ll need a pair of tough but breathable shoes like Patagonia's Gore-Tex Drifter. As recommended by Forbes, a good pair of hiking shoes can protect you from any cuts from rocks and branches, as well as keep you from slipping if the trail is wet.

A microfibre towel

In case you need to hike through streams and other bodies of water, a good microfibre towel can help you dry off quickly. Make sure you get one that is fast-drying, so you can put it back in your bag right after you use it.

A reusable water bottle

The Vapur Eclipse Reusable Water Bottle will not take up any space in your pack as you can roll it when it’s empty and fill it up easily when you need it. It has a solid screw-on top that prevents any spills, so you know your things won’t get wet if you store it with water inside.

A portable battery or a power bank

Your gadgets won’t last long in the wilderness unless you have something to charge them with. Buy yourself a heavy-duty power bank to charge your phones and other electronic devices. Men’s Journal suggests you take an Anker PowerCore 10000 Charger with you—its quick charge tech can bump up your gadget’s juice to up to 80% in 30 minutes.

A smartwatch

Smartwatches can help provide you with useful information during your adventures, including information such as step count to atmospheric data. Many of the current products use technology that can also track your health, water intake and oxygen saturation.

This becomes important, especially when adventuring in remote locations, as you want to make sure you stay in top shape. Smartwatches can also provide elevation and directional data that can help you navigate whether you’re hiking, sailing, trail running, or wild swimming. Some smartwatches can also show you the sunrise and sunset times, which can help you decide when to set up camp.

Check out the 10 best smart watches buyers guide by 10Beasts.

A Camera

You book your dream activity holiday of a lifetime and your ready to go, you most likely will be using your smart phone to take all your holiday snaps.  But for those who are looking to take those extra special holiday photos then investing in something extra special, a digital camera may be the way to go.

There is a whole range of quality cameras that are built for high energy life on the road.

Check out this guide to the best travel cameras by trusted-reviews.

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