Everything You Need to Know About Travelling from the UK to Spain for Some Winter Sun

Due to the pandemic, winter trip options may be limited this season for most Britons. If you are planning on heading to Spain for some winter sun, it is best to consider the following points.

Covid Travel

Pack for Hygiene & Safety

Firstly, you should be prepared for a safe trip. So, make sure to pack plenty of face masks, hand wash and hand sanitiser. Next, get all your documentation and needs seen to for a smooth and safe trip to Spain.

Make sure you have adequate travel insurance cover, you can easily enquire on travel insurance by Staysure as they have included COVID-19 cover in their policies at no additional cost to you. With no upper age limit and all medical conditions considered, Staysure has you covered for single trip travel insurance.

Know That You Can be Quarantined

As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on the globe, European countries are no exception. If you are travelling to Spain, you should be well aware that situations can change at any given moment and you should be prepared for such situations. Inform your closest relatives and family of your travel plans and keep a backup plan on hand in case you are caught in a quarantine or lockdown situation. You should also be aware that you may need to be quarantined or self-isolated upon your return to the United Kingdom too should this be required.

Entry Restrictions

Check ahead of time what travel restrictions have been set in place and know that you may be required to undergo entry procedures such as providing contact information, health and temperature checks and health assessments. Upon returning to the United Kingdom, you will be required to give the UK similar information including your travel information.

Be Alert to Common Risks

No matter where you travel, you should always be aware that petty theft and street crime exists. Always keep your belongings in safe places, including your passport and other identification papers. Ensure your bags are zipped closed properly and when you are out and about, your expensive belongings are secured in a safe. Even though you will be out and about in the winter sun, you should still use sunscreen protection to avoid painful burns or skin damage.

Pack Appropriately

Warmer and sunnier weather in Spain does still mean that you will require adequate warm clothing. Although Spain has a Mediterranean climate, it is still cold in the winter months. Spain has a bustling street-side culture which you can take advantage of, so packing comfortable walking shoes is a must.

Travel Sustainably

Be cognisant of travelling responsibly so as to minimise the impact on the environment. Book direct economy class flights and avoid packing or using single-use packaging or condiments while travelling. Take advantage of the full cultural experience of Spain and book travelling options and accommodation at local Spanish establishments to ensure the sustainability of their communities. Traveling smart is a great way to do your bit for the environment!

Accommodation Tips

Choose to stay in an area that is in walking distance of most amenities you may require or sight-seeing attractions. Places like Seville are popular tourist attractions in the winter months due to its warmer climate and popular cultural attractions. Unfortunately, this may make prices during this time more expensive than usual, so choose to stay on the outskirts of popular areas like Seville if you are budget conscious.

In the same breath, taking advantage of the most popular destinations in Spain, such as Barcelona, is easily accomplished in the offseason. Visiting Barcelona during the winter months will save you on busy hordes of tourists flooding the city and driving prices up.

Planning a winter holiday in Spain is a great way to enjoy the Southern European country while taking advantage of warmer weather and amazing beach walks or tourist attractions.

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