Best Time to Visit Spain

Best time to visit Spain and what to do ?

Majorca Beach

When to visit Spain, that is a good question and depends on many things. Overall, spring, early summer and autumn are ideal times for a Spanish trip – though the weather varies enormously from region to region. The high central plains suffer from fierce extremes, stiflingly hot in summer, with much cooler winters.

The Atlantic coast in the south, in contrast, has a tendency to have hot summers with cooler evening temperatures and mild to colder winters. The Mediterranean side of the south is warm virtually all year round, and in parts of Andalucia positively subtropical, warm enough to wear a T-shirt by day even in the winter months.

In high summer the other factor worth considering is tourism itself. Spain plays host to some thirty five million tourists a year – almost one for every resident – and all the main beach and mountain resorts can be pretty busy during July and August, as are the major sights. August, Spain’s holiday month, sees the coast as its most crowded and the cities, by contrast, pretty sleepy.





most colourful beach ⛱

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With over 5,000 miles of coastline, finding that perfect beach in Spain to spend a rewarding family beach holiday is not hard. This country on the Iberian Peninsula has some of the best beaches in Europe and indeed the whole world.

The best beaches in Spain can be found in many locations all around the country and offers hours of sunshine and first class facilities to please all the family.

To have a real fun time and to enjoy family fun holidays in Spain, search and make early arrangements, as many of the spots are very popular and get very busy during peak seasons. However if you are able to book a late holiday you may be rewarded with some incredible savings on last minute holiday deals.




Visit San Sebastian

San Sebastian Spain

Northern Spain has enchanting beaches rivalling the sun-drenched south, which enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate. San Sebastian and the entire Basque region have some of the best and cleanest beaches in Spain with a lot of activity for everyone in the family to enjoy. The chic coastal city of San Sebastian has been described by many as the shining crown of the north; a special city to visit at any time of the year to enjoy the local gastronomy and unique historic charm.




Play Golf

Golf on the Costa del Sol

Golf on the Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol is simply a paradise for golfers with over 70 golf courses in Andalucia alone. Spain is most definitely a country for beach lovers with over 4,000 kilometres of coastline to choose and enjoy a perfect beach holidays.





Experience the vibrant cities of Barcelona and Madrid





Madrid the capital is the heart of country and is the seat of Spanish Government is a hub for cultural, traditional and historic attractions along with scintillating night life and artistic landmarks.

Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in the world,  an internationally renowned major metropolis and coastal resort. Barcelona is home to some of the Europe’s famous sites boasting a lively cosmopolitan atmosphere and attractions in every little corner. Its popular beaches and resorts, magnificent natural scenery, along with art, architecture and culture fuse together to make it a destination in the wish list of every traveller to country.





The Costas and Islands

El Hierro Island

El Hierro Island


The Costa del Sol in Malaga, enjoys an unparalleled coastal stretch along the Mediterranean Sea and is the home to well known family orientated resorts such as Fuengirola or the chic resort of Marbella.

Barcelona is still on the most popular places to visit in Spain at any time of the year, the vibrant capital of Madrid offers so much to visitors who prefer city life, historic sites and an amazing night life and alternative scene.

The Canary Islands are visited by millions every year due to mainly its unrivalled all year round climate which stays around 25C throughout the year, Tenerife, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are the most popular destinations of the Islands.

The Balearic Islands which include Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca also offer a huge choice of accommodation from super luxury to Budget friendly, great beaches, beautiful clean seas, quaint coves, an amazing nightlife and party scene make the Balearic Islands a perfect holiday destination for couples, families and singles alike.




Cultural Spain



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Sightseeing the many historic cities and sites is a great way to explore and enjoy Spain.  Top sites include the Alhambra Palace in Granada, the Mezquita in Cordoba and the cathedrals of Madrid, Seville, Barcelona and Santiago.




Spectacular sunsets


Sunset over the Costa del Sol

Sunset over the Costa del Sol



Marbella Sunset

Marbella Sunset



Average Temperatures in Spain

Jan March May July Sept Nov
Madrid (°C) 9 15 21 31 25 13
Castile (°F) 49 59 70 88 77 56
Málaga (°C) 17 19 23 29 29 20
Costa del Sol (°F) 63 67 74 84 84 68
Sevilla (°C) 15 21 26 35 32 20
Inland Andalucía (°F) 59 70 78 95 90 68
Pontevedra (°C) 14 16 20 25 24 16
Galicia (°F) 58 61 68 77 75 61
Santander (°C) 12 15 17 22 21 15
Cantabrian coast (°F) 54 59 63 72 70 59
Barcelona (°C) 13 16 21 28 25 16
Catalunya (°F) 56 61 70 83 77 61
Cap Bagur (°C) 14 16 20 27 25 16
Costa Bravo (°F) 58 61 68 80 77 61
Alicante (°C) 16 20 26 32 30 21
Costa Blanca (°F) 61 68 78 90 86 70
Mallorca (°C) 14 17 22 29 27 18
Balearic Islands (°F) 58 63 72 84 80 65


Note that these are all average temperatures  in Spain and whilst Seville, the hottest city in Spain, can soar into the nineties at midday in summer, it is a fairly comfortable 23-27°C (75-80°F) through much of the morning and late afternoon. Equally, bear in mind that temperatures in the north, in Galicia for example, can approach freezing point at night in winter, whilst mountainous regions can get extremely cold at any time of year.



Spain – An enchanting holiday destination to visit

Whatever you are looking for in a holiday trip, Spain has it all. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations which boast fantastic beaches, enough culture, vibrant night-life, sheer geographic diversity, world class cuisines and above all great climatic conditions to enjoy them all.

Spain has some of the most colourful festivals anywhere. Every town, city, village and region in Spain offers there own take on how to enjoy Spanish life to the full.


Tomatina Festival Spain

Tomatina Festival Spain


When it comes to food, Spain is simply unmatched. Great food and good wines seems to be national obsession over here. The diversity of gastronomic delights is truly breathtaking.

The magnificent diversity of its landscape stirs the soul. Where ever you go you find villages of timeless beauty perched on hilltops, clustered in valleys and many which cling to coastal areas, all are places where you can enjoy unforgettable Spanish holidays.