Learn Spanish in Spain

Learn Spanish in Spain

Learning Spanish in Spain with Spanish immersion courses

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Learning Spanish in Spain 

Learn Spanish in Tenerifedon Quijote Spanish school was founded in 1986 and consolidated its leadership throughout the years with a focus on the quality
of its courses and the satisfaction of its students. A course at don Quijote is more than Spanish learning, it also means
having a wonderful experience and making friends from all over the world. More about don Quijote >




Spanish courses with don Quijote



Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish in Salamanca Learn Spanish in Madrid Learn Spanish in Barcelona Learn Spanish in Seville Learn Spanish in granada Learn Spanish in Valencia Learn Spanish in Tenerife Combine Cities  don uijote owns schools in a number of cities.

                                                                                           All school use the same teaching method, allowing you to study at different schools within the same course. For example, you can study 2 weeks in Tenerife, 2 weeks in Barcelona and other 2 weeks in Granada following your course
and with the same quality teaching.


Spanish courses at don Quijote

Spanish Coursesdon Quijote offers a broad range of courses, from intensive (20 hours a week) and super intensive (30 hours a week) to courses combining special activities. In Tenerife there is a scuba diving course with Spanish lessons, preparation for the DELE (official Spanish Certification) or a course with special activities for seniors (over 50 course).




Each day you will have 4 Spanish classes in groups of a maximum of 8 students. This is available in all the don Quijote schools and for all levels: from beginners to the most advanced. Moreover, with the “Formula +1*”, you will have free optional subjects each day. This course of 6 classes daily is exactly the same as the intensive course described above in terms of contests and conditions. The difference is that you will have 2 extra classes, practising the language. This course is not available at our schools in Latin America.

Other courses

Spanish + fun courses

· DELE Preparation courses.
· Intensive business.
· Intensive Tourism.
· Teachers of Spanish.
· Spanish for cabin crew.
· Spanish + scuba diving.
· Spanish + cuisine.
· Spanish + Christmas.
· Spanish + wine testing.
· Spanish + golden age


You can choose from different options in students flats or  host families. Accommodation with families may include meals or not, according your needs. More about accommodation >

Services Included 

Full  Guarantees

don Quijote is probably the school with the largest list of services included in the price.
Some of them are:· 24-hour emergency phone line
· Study material
· Internet access.· See other services
don Quijote also offers exclusive guarantees such as:·. Money Back guarantee
· Native Teachers
· Small groups
· See other guarantees

More Information

don Quijote provides you with complete guidance while choosing your course.

Our “Course counsellors” will help you to choose the most appropriate course and destination for you at no cost:


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