Skiing in Spain

Skiing in Spain – A Guide to the Top Resorts

Ski Holidays in Spain

Though Spain is largely known for its sun, sea and sand, the idea of quality ski resorts in Spain is slowly warming up to tourists. In recent years, more and more winter sports enthusiasts have jumped at the chance of visiting one of Spain’s quality ski resorts for their winter holidays. With the proliferation of new and refurbished ski resorts in five distinct regions of Spain, there is a wide variety of skiing options to suit everyone’s preferences, standards and budgets.

Value for Money Ski Resorts

Skiing in Spain usually starts at the beginning of November and runs through to the end of April.

The ski resorts in Spain strive for excellence as they compete for the ski travel market against the Swiss and French resorts. Spain’s ski resorts are gaining popularity for their quality snow-making equipment, facilities, ski schools and food, as well as a huge selection of discounted hotels and other accommodation.

Being relatively new in the market, the resorts offer excellent value for money for the use of the facilities. The lower pricing is one of the advantages that is making skiing in Spain an attractive destination for many visitors has over their famous counterparts in Austria, Switzerland and France.

There is the added advantage that many of budget airlines fly to most arts of Spain, which makes it cheaper and convenient for tourists to reach the ski stations in Spain than other countries.

Quality Schools to Learn Skiing

With the rising popularity of ski holidays in Spain, there has been much investment poured into this area. Many schools, which offer skiing lessons with skilled and experience teachers, can lend you a hand through teaching you the basic fundamentals of skiing.

Other than the teaching facilities and schools, major investments have been made on the installation of new ski lifts that can carry a higher capacity of skiers to the best slopes.

Other areas that have been spruced up due to the ski resorts are easier access roads into the resorts, this has resulted in the growth of restaurants, parking and quality hotels nearer to the pistes.


Skiing in Sierra Nevada

Skiing in Sierra Nevada


Skiing in Spain

The main skiing regions of Spain are located in Aragon and the Catalonian Pyrenees, the Cantabrian, Iberian and the Central mountains and the Penibetico mountain range in the south.

The Aragonese and Catalonian Pyrenees in Northern Spain is the home of most of this countries leading ski resorts although the Sierra Nevada located in the heart of Andalucia in Southern Spain ranks amongst one the most popular.  There is also an enviable choice of ski resorts near Madrid, Galicia, Leon and Cantabria in the north west and La Rioja and Teruel in the mid north.

For the winter sports and skiing enthusiasts Spain currently offers some 1.000 kilometres of quality marked trails and slopes situated in over 36 superb ski resorts half of which are proud owners of the Q awards for their quality tourism facilities and services offered. And all this set in a country that is second only to Switzerland with the greatest amount of mountains.

Spain may not presently be in the league of the some of the Swiss, Austrian French and even some Italian resorts however the tide is definitely turning
as Spain becomes one of the best value ski destinations in the EEC.

Value for money with resorts offering quality slopes, trails, facilities, snow-making equipment, ski schools, winter sports activities, accommodation and food are slowly making this country a hot spot and I’m not referring to the long sunny days we are usually accustomed to.

For those who are considering skiing in Spain Spain, here are some of the best ski resorts to visit.

The Top Resorts for Skiing in Spain


The ski resort in Formigal is gaining popularity with beginner and intermediate skiers as well as families with young children. With a vast area of 140 km for skiing, it offers a quiet environment for great skiing fun.

As opposed to other big resorts, which focus on other aspects of entertainment such as nightlife, Formigal’s aim is to provide enjoyable skiing with quality amenities and facilities.

Other than snow sports and skiing, you can also indulge in the food that is served at great value in the bars and restaurants.

La Molina

This is one of the oldest ski resorts in Spain, and millions of skiers have enjoyed its slopes. With a rich history and holding the title of the first drag lift, it is a popular ski destination for those visitors looking for ski holidays Spain. With a train service that runs from Barcelona and a bus that makes trips from the ski resort to the train station, it is easily accessible.

There are many types of hotels to choose from and there are slopes that are gentle enough for the beginners, as well as slopes that challenge the experienced skier.

Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada is the southern most ski resort in Spain, and it is a place where you can have the best of both worlds. If you cannot decide if you should have ski holidays Spain or a beach vacation, you can ski away at Sierra Nevada in the morning and head for a lovely evening stroll along the Mediterranean beaches at Costa del Sol. Its unique location makes it charming for tourists. Soak up in the breathtaking views when you ski down the slopes offering varying options.


One of the undiscovered gems of Spain, this skiing resort is famous among locals for its quiet and quaint surroundings. Ideal for skiiers looking for a nice place to hang out after trying their hand at snow sports and skiing. It boasts a fantastic school with great instructors. Visit it while it is still relatively under the radar!

 Spain is in ideal winter sports destination

There are plenty of good web sites to check out when planning your skiing holiday and most of the resorts now have their own dedicated web sites with up to date info in English providing all the info you will require including lift prices, weather conditions, accommodation and online web cams so its easy to make a choice when searching for the resort that best suits your needs.

Most of the resorts are very family orientated catering for all levels of skiers, and as skiing becomes ever more popular in Europe there are plenty of schools on hand with well trained professional teachers to lend a hand with your first tentative steps on the slopes.


Skiing in Sierra Nevada

Skiing in Sierra Nevada


Ski Resort Hotels and Accommodation

muave-arrow-iconHotel Aragon Hills   – Aragon

Hotel Aragon Hills - Aragon

Hotel Aragon Hills – Aragon


The hotel Aragon Hills and Spa resort is located in Sallent de Gallego within the stunning region of Huesca. It opened in 2007 offering 157 rooms and is now one of the most popular hotels in the Formigal ski resort.

The amenities are second to none, guests can enjoy a Jacuzzi, swimming pool, fitness centre, sauna, steam bath and a ample selection of ski equipment for hire.



muave-arrow-iconMelia Royal Tanau Boutique Hotel  – Baquiera Beret 

Hotel Tanau - Baquiera Beret

Hotel Tanau – Baquiera Beret


Located in the picturesque Naut Aran ski resort of Baquiera Beret in Catalonia the Melia Royal Tanau Boutique Hotel an impressive 5 star establishment offering all the facilities to ensure a prefect ski holiday in Spain.

 The hotel offer a range of quality services for its guests to enjoy including a jacuzzi, indoor swimming pool,  free wifi and massage services.



muave-arrow-iconHotel  Rumaykiyya Sierra Nevada 

Hotel Rumaykiyya - Sierra Nevada

Hotel Rumaykiyya – Sierra Nevada


The Hotel Rumaykiyya is located in the heart of the popular Sierra Nevada ski and winter sports resort in Monachil, Granada.This 5 start hotel is elegant and comfortable with a unique alpine character made form wood and clay.

It is the highest hotel with direct access to ski chairs lifts, the Hotel Rumaykiyya also offers its guests a free transport service down to the Pradollano main square where you will find all the ticket offices,  a range of ski lifts and a shopping centre with bars and restaurants.



 Hotel Candanchu AisaAragon

Hotel Candanchu Aisa - Aragon

Hotel Candanchu Aisa – Aragon

The Hotel Candanchu lies in the heart of the Aragonese Pyrenees, at a height of 1.560 metres. Situated within the Candanchu ski resort, and only 50m far from the chair lift, it is the perfect place to enjoy skiing in the greatest possible comfort.

Hotel Candanchu offers 46 comfortable bedrooms (single, double, triple and quadruple), with fully equipped bathrooms, free safes in room, hairdryers, phones and TVs.




 Hotel Ciria Benasque

Hotel Ciria - Benasque

Hotel Ciria – Benasque


The Hotel Ciria is a charming establishment run for the three decades by the Ciria family and is located in the pistureques Benasuqe Ski Resort. Surrounded by the highest summits of the Pyrenees combining the traditional mountain hotel experience with the functionality of its privileged location.  

Family-friendly, peaceful and cosy, the Hotel is an example of architecture from Alto Aragon and preserves its wooden beams and stone walls, typical materials of the Valle de Benasque. The fireplace, nestled in a granite dome and surrounded by a wooden “cadiera” (long wooden bench), creates a unique environment to hold lively discussions in the warmth of the fire.


muave-arrow-icon  Hotel FontanalsCatalonia

Hotel Fontanals - Catalonia

Hotel Fontanals – Catalonia

The Fontanals Golf Hotel is located in Soriguerola,  La Cerdanya. It’s a unique place nestled in the stunning Cerdanya valley close to some fo the most popular ski resorts in Spain.

You will get a warming welcome from the moment you come into the hotel: A bright space with reception, bar and lounge in a single setting, where the modern and rustic materials create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.