The Benefits of Booking a Villa in Spain

Luxury Villa Rental Spain
Luxury Villa Rental Spain

We all work hard, so it’s completely understandable that when planning a holiday, we want it to be as stress-free an endeavour as possible.

Unfortunately, not all holiday providers are focused on the customer, which often means a relatively simple process is more complicated.

Although this can be frustrating, it doesn’t mean that planning a holiday must be a chaotic ordeal.

More and more people are seeing the benefits of renting villas in Spain, but is it really a straightforward process? And what can Spain offer that other countries can’t?

The following is an overview of the many benefits of holidaying in Spain, as well as addition benefits of booking a villa in Spain.

Always the Sun

It’s safe to assume that the booking of villas, apartments and other forms of accommodation is possible around the world, so why go to Spain?

Spain is a diverse and cultured country that’s able to appeal to both holidaymakers and those looking for something off the beaten tracks.

You can always rely on the sun in Span, so whether you’re walking on the beach or checking out the local tapas, the sun is always close by.

Although the weather isn’t always the most important aspect of a holiday, it’s good to know that for the most part, it will be shining down in abundance in Spain.

Staying Abroad Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune

Cave House Granada
Cave House Rental Granada

It’s not only holiday villas that can be booked in Spain but a variety of unique accommodation, including apartments and caves.

Not only does this allow for more tailored Spanish holiday travel, but it also ensures that you’re able to relax as you see fit, without worrying about rowdy guests or pushy sales tactics.

The many different options available when it comes to sourcing accommodation in Spain means that you’re never having to pay more than you need to when holidaying abroad.

A Vast Amount of Choice

Self Catering Tenerife
Self Catering Tenerife

One of the great things about searching for villas to rent in Spain as opposed to hotels is the vast amount of choice available.

Looking for a modern apartment? No problem. Maybe you’re looking to enjoy the Spanish countryside? Then why not consider a country home.

The options are plentiful, regardless of whether you’re looking for somewhere in the Costa Del Sol or would prefer something a little more recluse, there’s very little reason as to why you can’t book a property abroad if you use reliable methods.

Much Easier to Plan

Have you ever tried to book a holiday only to find that there’s a series of red tape when it comes to the cost? It can be frustrating, and in some instances, it can dissuade us from booking a holiday.

Regardless of whether you’re booking an apartment, rural home or cave, you can always be sure of a seamless booking process.

The only considerations you must make is whether the property is free when you need it, and how many people will be using the property.

Great for Family Holidays

Travelling With Kids

Although there’s plenty of solo travellers and couples that benefit from renting properties in Spain, the use of such accommodation can be ideal for families, especially if it’s a large family.

Although hotels are more adaptive, there can still be restrictions when it comes to making bookings which not only means cramped accommodation, but it’s also more expensive.

If you hire a villa or apartment in Spain, then you’re given a fair price, as well as a lot more space. Many owners will make it clear as to how many people the property can manage, meaning bookings are easy and affordable.

Experience a Different Culture

Barcelona Gastro Tapas Tour
Barcelona Gastro Tapas Tour

The availability of accommodation throughout Spain means that as well as the more popular tourist hotspots, there are many different cultures that take life at a more relaxed pace.

For example, when dining out in the UK, it’s not unusual for table turning to be in place, which ensures that those going out for a meal are only allocated space for so long.

In Spain, the finishing of a meal doesn’t mean the end of the night. As such, good waiters will only bring the bill upon request, and not force upon you when they fell it’s time for you to go.

Also, if you’ve been invited to a Spanish party and you’re running late, then don’t worry. The Spanish expect people to be late, and it’s very rare to find someone having a problem if you arrive a little later than you should have.

Many people fall in love with Spain as it’s often less busy than the United Kingdom. As such, even the daily pace of holidaying in Spain is more relaxed when compared to other destinations.

A Different Take on Cuisine

Seafood Paella Spain
Seafood Paella

The United Kingdom does have varied diets, but generally, we’re used to three meals a day. Mealtimes in Spain are a little different, as they’re often focused on more than eating.

In the UK, it’s not unusual for us to start the day with a fried breakfast. Although an enjoyable guilty pleasure, it can be mean we end up feeling a little sluggish.

Breakfast in Spain is a much more laidback affair, often consisting of coffee with a light pastry.

It’s not unusual for the Spanish to have something a little more filling before lunch, such as a tortilla or small sandwich.

In Spain, lunch is a big deal and normally lasts for around an hour and a half. As lunch is later on in the day in Spain, normally around two or three in the afternoon, then it’s unusual to find a restaurant that’s’ open before 1.00 p.m.

What’s more, gastronomy in Spain is very affordable. If you’re considering accommodation in the form of a villa or private apartment, then you’ll find that you’re able to enjoy several local delicacies at a fraction of the price.

The fact that you’re given more choice as to whether you eat out or remain indoors for mealtimes allows for more flexible holiday budget.

It’s these small details that makes mealtimes in Spain such an immersive and enjoyable experience.

Taking advantage of what Spain has to offer can be done in many ways, but only when you hire a villa, apartment or cottage will you experience just how immersive and affordable a Spanish holiday really can be.

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