April Festivals in Spain

April festivals in Spain include the famous holy week celebrations

Seville April Fair

April is a busy month for Festivals around Spain, mostly it must be said with a religious theme as April festivals in Spain include the important Easter holy processions which are an integral part of hundreds of cities, towns and villages throughout the land.


Holy Week  – Variable date March /April

Holy week is a very important religious time of year in Spain and the entire week is filled with colourful processions and religious celebrations.

If you plan to visit Spain specially to celebrate holy week then its best to check the dates well in advance as they vary between March and April each year.  In 2018 holy week falls on the 25th to the 31st March.

Even if you are not a religious person you will be inspired by the whole atmosphere of holey week in the towns and villages held across Spain. The brotherhoods of each church carefully prepare amazing processions which usually involves carrying the statue of the local patron  saint through the streets on magnificently adorned floats lit by hundreds of candles.


Entre el Mentidero, San Antonio y la Calle Ancha se nos presentaban las siguientes imagenes. #semanasantacadiz

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Seville April Fair

Probably one of the biggest and most important of the April festivals in Spain is the Seville April Fair  ( La Feria de Abril )   held each year in Seville, the capital city of Andalucia.  As the festival is held during Easter week the actual festival dates can  vary each year so it is always best to check before booking your holiday.

The fair usually starts at Midnight on the Monday two weeks after the holy week ( Semana Santa ) and is the beginning of one of Spain’s, biggest parties lasting a whole week, ending the following Sunday with a spectacular fireworks display.

The city of Seville comes alive with the sight of thousands local girls wearing colourful and stunning Flamenco dresses. In fact people come from all over Andalucia, Spain and further afield each year to witness and be part of this unforgettable Spanish tradition.

The  Easter holy festivals are celebrated all over Andalucia and are a highlight of the year for many town and villages with large numbers of the local population involved in the preparation of the large religious floats.


De Cajon Flamenco – Variable dates

This is the biggest dance and folk music festival that extols the playing of the famous Cajon Flamenco, a specially made wooden box.  This festival is an important part of the festival scene in Barcelona and is a hub of traditional folk music, singing, dance, guitar playing, and clapping. The shows normally begin towards the end of December and stretch all the way to March with the bulk of entertainment happening between January and February.


Moors v Christians Festival Alicante

Another major festival in April is the Moros y Cristianos held in Alcoy in the province of Alicante.  The festival commemorates the battle of Alcoy in 1275 when Saint George assisted in the defeat of the Moorish hoards lead by Al Azraq.

The Moors v Christians event  takes place between the third and fourth weeks in April, not an attempt by the locals to be historically accurate, it’s about having fun as the marvellous, noisy and colourful spectacle of the battle is re-enacted with verve and energy by the local population. The Alcoyans prepare well for this annual festival as some 30 armies are prepared for battle.


National Spanish Cheese Festival – Trujillo in Caceres

This very tasty festival is full of  fun and dance typical of a  Spanish fair only at this one you will also be able to try the delicious varieties of cheese from this region of Spain.

The National Spanish cheese festival  in Trujillo is now in it 30th year and attracts many thousands of visitors looking for a food holiday with a difference. It is now regarded as the largest cheese fair in the world. Here you will find a huge number of stands by local cheese makers displaying their finest cheeses, not to mention an amazing choice of local wines to wash it all down.

Cheeses from the Extremadura region are renowned for their quality and taste and include such varieties as Torta del Casar, Torta la Serena , Los Ibores and the famous Manchego Cheese.


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