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The Port of Mahon

The Port of Mahon

If you are thinking of booking your holidays to Spain and would like to some travel ideas to Spain including authentic Spanish culture, holiday fun, sports activities, historic sites, driving holidays and much more then then read on.

Although the image of Spain has changed enormously over the past 20 years a lot of people still think of bullfighting and sometimes crowded beaches however this diverse country really does offer so much more as a holiday and travel destination.

Broaden your travel horizons and explore this diverse country from picturesque country side walks and fishing outings, to exploring historic white washed villages and ancient monuments, or perhaps a wine and food testing trip is more to your liking.

How about visiting areas of great natural beauty from the Pyrenees in the north to beautiful national parks in the south. These travel ideas to Spain will hopefully inspire you to explore the real Spain.


What makes San Sebastian such an appealing destination?

San Sebastian - Spain

San Sebastian – Spain

Well, according to the huge amount of reviews from revellers and travel experts, this city has an aura of love and romance around it. This, coupled with the fact that it has an interesting mixture of cultures, makes it a perfect fit for people from all over the world.

 San Sebastian is easily accessible by road and air, and this enables travellers to move in and out of the city with ease. The city is home to some of the top romantic hotels in Spain.

There is always are lots going on within the city including theatres, fiestas, art and cultural events, plays, musical events and the latest movies.

There are also some stunning beaches,  which are teaming with activities, apart from sunbathing you can partake in sport fishing and surfing, which all help to create a special atmosphere for family fun or a romantic break with your partner.

Family beach holidays on the Balearic Islands

Ibiza Beach

Ibiza Beach


Family holidays are among the most exciting experiences that you can ever have with your loved ones. One of the best ways is to enjoy an unforgettable Beach hotel holiday is on the enchanting Balearic Islands.

These popular chain of Mediterranean Islands are one of the most ideal hideaways that you can take your family to. The location, ambience and facilities of these islands will surely create unforgettable memories for you and your family.

Formentera Island is a captivating island paradise destination with its enviable climate and breathtaking scenery.

On the other side resorts within Ibiza and Majorca have a reputation that party revellers love to be associated with.  Majorca  is the most popular of all the islands, great weather and numerous fun activities that you and your family can engage in.

When it comes to hotels in Majorca, there are a numerous options to please every family member. There are kids’ entertainment sites and places for adults as well.

Popular beach holiday destinations in Majorca include Cala Millor, set in an environment that is vibrant with lots of exciting activities. The culture around the place is enviable because of the friendliness of the locals and historical sense of adventure.

The local food is exciting and it will give you an opportunity to explore a wide and varied choice of regional dishes. Porto Colom is also a perfect family friendly destination. If  you are looking for either a quieter pace or an activity-packed destination, Porto Colom is the place to be.

Family fun at the top theme parks in Spain

Spain is home to a selection of top theme parks that offer unrivalled family fun and a welcome break from salt, sand and surf.

Terra Mitica, Benidorm. The Terra Mitica park is split into 5 zones, each one based on an ancient civilisation, and contains a mix of high-speed, adrenalin-filled rides that won’t disappoint thrill-seekers, and gentler options for youngsters, making it ideal for families.

PortAdventura, Costa Dorada, Barcelona. This is Spain’s biggest and most popular theme park, and its six themed worlds offer visitors a selection of high-speed rides thrill rides, including Furios Baco and Shambhala, the second and third fastest roller coasters in Europe, as well as a superb selection of shows and performances. PortAventura also offers guests a choice of 4 top-class themed hotels, each providing easy access to the park and the opportunity for visitors to make the most of their time there.

Parque Warner, Madrid   The Warner them Park offers a fantastic, fun-filled day out for anyone visiting Madrid or nearby the area. It’s based on an array of top Warner Brothers movies, and its attractions are inspired by many well-known characters, including superhero favourites, Superman and Batman, cartoon greats Tom and Jerry and Scooby Doo, and the loveable Acme rogues.

Isla Magica, Seville
This theme park, nestled in the heart of Seville, is merely a 5 minute walk from the town centre, making it easily accessible and a popular attraction for families visiting the area.

Isla Magica offers a keen sense of adventure and action guaranteed to capture the imaginations of both adults and children alike.

Tivoli World, Malaga, Costa del Sol. This theme park offers over 300 rides and attractions, making it the ideal destination for families looking for a day filled with fun and exciting activities. Tivoli World has a great number of intense rides and attractions, including roller coasters, a 60m free fall tower and the revamped Passage of Terror, but also a dedicated area for younger family members as well, meaning there’s truly something for everyone.




Driving in Spain – Exploring the Costa del Sol

Car Hire Spain

Driving on the Costa del Sol  is a great way to experience all the wonderful but often hidden Andalucian villages that may be difficult to reach any other way. Driving but ten minutes uphill from the coastline will mean experiencing a beautiful view of both the hills and a backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea.

There are so many different little towns to explore, each one offering their own unique character.

It would be easy to spend a whole day discovering a little town, and it would be much easier if public transport doesn’t have to be relied on in order to get back down again.

Driving along the coastline itself is an experience not to be missed and much more convenient that any form of public transport or even taxi.

Car hire is a perfect option to explore explore the Costa del Sol. Car hire in Spain is readily available and easy to book, there are pick up locations all along the Costa del Sol and Malaga airport. Golf Drive !

The Costa del Sol has to be one of the best places in the whole of Spain for this sport, be it professional practise or amateur. This region is home to around 65 beautiful golf courses  that will make anyone who has the slightest interest in the sport, impressed.

The great thing being that you can make a road trip out of your interest by visiting different places along the journey to your next Golf site.

Adventure into the White Washed Villages of Andalucia

Lanjaron - Granada

Lanjaron – Granada

The dramatic landscapes of Andalucía have attracted throngs of interested visitors over the year. The center of attraction has been the white washed villages; they are unique, stunning and picturesque.

Their locations and culture make them amazing and well worth visiting. Some of the best white washed villages include the Alhama De Granada. If you want to have a spectacular view of Alhama de Granada, approach it from the coast of Malaga.

As you head inland and approach Granada, you will squeeze through a high pass called Zafarraya Pass. It’s more of a narrow crack ensconced between mountains. This pass opens up to a wide landscape of oak and corn.

Medina Sidonia: This village was once Spain’s prestigious ducal seats. It has a historical significance, as it was previously a Roman and Moorish town. There are so many interesting features around this pretty village. The impressive old mansions and Moorish gates are just some of the old treasures that are well worth exploring during your visit.

Montefrio: This is a hilltop village with a dramatic appeal. One of the things you will notice here is that the picture postcard churches which house some interesting museums to preserve its ancient history. There is also a Neolithic site consisting of stone tombs and caves.

 Casares: This is a white village at a stone’s throw from the coastline of the Costa del Sol. It is easily accessible. One of the things that will catch your attention as you drive toward this village is the white sparkling houses. These houses are in a cluster arrangement around the Moorish Castle.

Enjoy the fantastic fiestas, festivals and carnivals of Spain

Festivals in Spain

Festivals in Spain

Spanish people are known all over the world for their love of partying and enjoying themselves to the fullest.

They make the most extravagant displays of affection for partying and celebrating in the popular festivals or ferias as known in their local tongue.

These festivals take place in almost all the towns and villages throughout Spain. Some of the festivals in Spain have deep religious and historical meaning to the locals while others are simply meant for partying and having fun. The following are among the best festivals in Spain.


Take part in La Tomatina – Spain’s biggest tomato fight

The Tomatina - Valencia

The Tomatina – Valencia

On every last Wednesday of August, La Tomatina takes place in a designated town within Spain.

It is the world largest tomato fight around the world and it attracts thousands of festival lovers  to Spain. During the tomato throwing festival, the town is literally painted red, as revellers throw ripe tomatoes at each other for about an hour.

In 2013, around 40,000 people attended this food fight, which was held at the town of Bunol in Valencia. What is interesting and captivating is the level of coordination and organisation that characterises the event. The huge crowd somehow finds a rhythm of adventure and fun, even as they throw tomatoes at each other.

Pamper Yourself at the Top Spa Hotels in Spain

Abac Hotel Spa

Spain is known for many different reasons, mainly though for being an outstanding tourism and hospitality destination. And looking at the hotels and spas in Spain, you can easily see first hand the high degree of quality and finesse available at any of the multitude of top class tourism facilities and installations on offer.

There are a number of features that make the spas and health hotels resorts outstanding.

Location – Location – Location: Most of these hospitality facilities are located in areas that are easily accessible to the mainstream visitor, and mostly ,located in the best tourism areas in Spain.

Deluxe Facilities: The top beauty and spa hotels in Spain are equipped with the latest facilities. This means that what ever your tastes are you will find your perfect health and beauty resort. These spa hotels were designed with the international consumer market in mind and so pamper to the most discerning of visitor.

Top Class Services: In addition to the facilities, the spa hotels offer first class and outstanding services.

Their staff are well trained on areas such as customer management, massaging and beauty therapy. This ensures that you get the best value for your money.

Breathtaking Adventures While Going High Speed on the AVE Super Train – Spain

The Ave High Speed Rail

The Ave High Speed Rail

The high-speed trains (AVE) has revolutionised travel within Spain. In addition to reducing significantly the time taken to shuttle between the major cities, these high tech trains offer a unique and exciting travel experience in Spain.

You can now travel large distances, quickly and comfortably, for example, Madrid to Valencia takes only 95 minutes, while on the most popular routes between Barcelona and Madrid, takes just 2.5 hours.

This new high-speed rail network offers travellers the possibly to visit the major cities in comfort and style whilst enjoying the captivating scenery , historic sites and the most popular resorts along the way.

Depending on your destination, there are several lines available with more being built. Some of the most popular are.

Amazing Experience Playing Golf on the Costa del Sol – Spain

Golf Courses Costa del Sol

Golf Courses Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol is one of the destinations preferred by golfers all around the world as there are so many top golf courses concentrated in one place. For those who choose to play golf on the Costa del Sol , they are bound to enjoy an exciting and unforgettable golf break. Both as a holiday and golfing destination, Costa del Sol has an amazing climate. It combines an all year round perfect climate with hours of sunshine without being to hot or humid, making the golf course the best place that any golfer would want to be. It literally turns the sport into a holiday hobby.

 There are around 60 top class golf courses on Costa del Sol. The regional government has invested in drawing the top players from around the world with international golf tournaments.

Most of the golf courses are 18 hole with a very good selection of 9 hole courses thereby attracting the envy of many golf enthusiasts. Playing golf is more of an experience, where the location, climate and people around influence the sport so much.

As opposed to some other golfing destinations, the Costa del Sol continually entices golfers with some great green fee deals. Many courses and golf tour operators offer discounts offer year round discounts.

Stay In Converted Convents and Historic Buildings in Spain

Parador - Lermo

Parador – Lermo

History has a way of creating beauty and traction. Some of the most exciting travel destinations around the world have evolved from monasteries, convents and other historical buildings. Going through some of these sites will make you feel as if you are journeying into the past.

Spain has some of the most spectacular historical buildings in Europe that have been converted into the well known Paradors de Turismo and privately owned hotels. Some of the top Parador Hotels in Spain include:

Convent of San Marcos de Leon: This convent served as a hospital for treating the pilgrims that were on their way to Santiago de Compostela in years gone by. It has a Plateresque artistic style and dates back to the 16th century during the reign of Carlos I, whose statues are present to this day.

Hotel Santa María la Real de Irache:  This hotel was converted from a monastery. It is located in Ayegui village within the municipality of Estella. According to historical sources, this monastery came into existence even before the city of Estella was founded. It dates back to between the 10th and 11th centuries.

San Millan Yuso Monasteries:   The Yuso monastery refers to a collection of buildings clustering around a relatively smaller cloister called Patio de la Luna and the main larger (main) cloister called San Millan.



Amazing Ski Holidays in Spain

Skiing in Spain

Though Spain is largely known for its sun, sea and sand, the idea of quality ski resorts in Spain is slowly warming up to tourists. In recent years, many tourists have jumped onto the bandwagon of going to ski resorts for their ski holidays in Spain.

With the proliferation of ski resorts in five distinct regions of Spain, there is a wide variety of skiing options to suit everyone’s preferences.

Skiing in Spain usually takes place in the months of November and December, when tourists can take the opportunity to use the cold snap to ski. Ski resorts strive for excellence as they slow progress into the leagues of the Swiss and French ski resorts.

Spain’s ski resorts are gaining popularity for their quality snow-making equipment, facilities, ski schools and food, as well as accommodation.

Being relatively new in the market, they offer the use of their ski facilities at a value with their money packages. The lower price is one of the advantages that skiing in Spain has over their famous counterparts in Austria and Switzerland.

With the different budget airlines flying to Spain, it is more convenient for tourists to reach the ski stations in Spain than other countries.