Holidays to Majorca


Holidays to Majorca part of the idealic Balearic Islands of Spain

Majorca is one of the most popular holiday destinations of Europe. The largest island of the Balearic Islands is more than a holiday destination with sun, white sandy beaches and a great night-life, it is an island rich in architecture and enchanting mountain villages that are blessed with that kind of still tranquillity that can bring you back to your senses.

Mallorca or Majorca, which one is correct ? well both are fine to use. On the island itself it is known as Mallorca, and comes from the Catalan language which is frequently spoken on this island. However many years ago the Island was known as Majorca (meaning Major Island of the Balearics). It is also commonly known as Majorca in the English speaking world though.

The island has an area of about 3,600 square kilometres, 554 of coastline and a population of less than a million inhabitants. The average annual temperature is of about 19 degrees Celsius and there is a yearly average of 3000 hours of sunshine.

Majorca also known as the island of dreams has a varied landscape of mountains, valleys, pine forests, olive and almond trees and beaches. Other attractions include the Caves of Drach, the Sierra de Tramuntana and the Sanctuary of Lluc, the spiritual centre of Mallorca. One of the most representative buildings, architecturally speaking, is the Bellver Castle, as it is one of the only three European castles in existence with a circular form.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma, is famous for having a large rose-window and is of a gothic Levantine style, to the point of being known as the gothic eye. The Sanctuary of Lluch, the most important place on the island for pilgrimage, because there is to be found the Virgen de Lluch  (Patron Saint of Mallorca). ‘El Paseo’ of Calvia is considered to be the ‘green lung’ of the municipality, with a length of 32 kilometers. The Castle of Bendinat was built in the XIX century by the Marquis of the Romana.

The Son Sant Joan international airport , located 8 km from Palma de Mallorca, is the main gateway to the island. There is a wide range of direct flights from many European cities, especially from Germany and the UK. If you arrive by sea, there are daily connections from different ports of the peninsula such as Barcelona, Valencia, Denia and other ports of the Balearic Islands such as Ibiza, Mahon and Ciutadella.

The Plaza de Espana in Palma is connected to all towns and resorts on the island through a bus network that also connects you to the airport, the beach or the University.

In this same square there is a line of trains to Inca, Manacor and Sa Pobla. Another train, in this case mainly for tourism, is the electric train which has been running since 1912, through the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains from Palma to Soller.

But this island is not only known for tourism, its beauty has also been the source of inspiration for many artists, from Joan Miró to the British poet Robert Graves, buried in Deia. Chopin also spent a winter season at La Cartuja of Valldemossa with.

One of the biggest draws for a huge number of holiday makers to the Island of Majorca are the fantastic and often very quiet coves or Calas as they are known as in Spanish. The Calas have superb beaches, secure bathing and crystal clean waters . They are a great places to chill out, safe for all the family to enjoy the sand, sea and the local cuisine.

The south east coast is home to the S´ Amarador beach which it sits in the Mondrago National Park and is a well preserved and unspoilt beach with magnificent views over the clear blue Mediterranean sea. It is made up of fine white sand and has often been voted the best beach in Spain.


Things to Do in Majorca to Make Your Tourist Experience Worthwhile

Majorca is a large Spanish island that lies in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a hotspot for tourists such as artists, academics, and nature enthusiasts who travel to Majorca to see its beauty and to experience its culture as well. In fact, Majorca plays host to over 10 million tourists each year. These tourists come from all over Europe, North America, and Asia. The island offers you a chance to do so many things. This includes enjoying its warm weather, numerous beaches, and excellent tourist amenities. Here are a couple of things that you can do in Majorca, the center of Spain tourism.

You Should Take a Hike up the Serra De Tramuntana

The Serra de Tramuntana is more or less the northern backbone of Majorca. This mountain range runs parallel to Mallorca’s North West coast. The mountain range is unique in terms of both the terrain and the species it hosts. In other words, the geology of the mountain range is outstanding.

To begin with, the mountain range is sheer sided. This makes it ideal for expert mountain climbers. In addition, it has a never-ending network of rivers criss

crossing its terrain, and finally, it has a diverse mix of both animal and plant species. These are all reasons why the Serra de Tramuntana is currently a World Heritage Site. This mountain range is suitable for anyone who would like to experience Spanish tourism in terms of nature and adventure.

Go and see the Majorca Cathedral

The Majorca Cathedral took exactly 117 years to build from 1229 to 1346. The Gothic architectural style used to build it is simply amazing. In fact, this cathedral has the largest Gothic Rosette in the world. In addition, the Majrca Cathedral is the only Gothic cathedral that overlooks the sea. The Cathedral is also the resting place of Spanish kings. More specifically, it is the burial site of King Jaime II and King Jaime III. You should make a point of visiting this grand cathedral. Spain tourism in Mallorca would not be the same without it.

Finally, It is Time to Eat

You cannot visit Majorca without taking time to dine on its fine cuisine. This island is home to over 2,400 restaurants. You cannot go wrong with all of them. In fact, you will find that almost all the restaurants in Majorca have exquisite style and sumptuous meals. These meals often include seafood, almonds, and olives. You are also likely to find sweet pastry ensaïmada, arroz brut, and sobrasada. You can also go out and have a beer or two in any of Mallorca’s bars.

These are the main attractions when it comes to Spain tourism in Mallorca. Be sure to indulge in any of them during your time in Mallorca.

Fresh fish from Majorca

Fresh fish from Majorca

Eating out in Majorca

Spanish cuisine has a variety of delights and in itself is an influencing factor of Spain tourism. These are influenced mostly by the differences in culture and climate and to some extent geography. The common denominator however remains the sea. Seafood influences a large proportion of Spanish food because for all history, the seas have contributed abundantly to the composition of meals in Spanish households. The traditional Spanish culinary identity, the tapas, is almost everyone’s favourite and is considered a must experience when enjoying Spain tourism. This should not mislead people to disregard the nation’s ability at providing formal dining experiences.

What to Eat in Mallorca

The single most attractive aspect of Spain tourism is in the simplicity of the culinary delights available. The diversity of traditions does not in any way interfere with this simplicity; it actually is one of the few homogeneous aspects of Spain. Mallorca for instance is almost autonomous yet this Balearic Island community is very much Spanish just like Madrid and Barcelona. The culinary diversity presented here is just as exciting as everywhere else in Spain. Mallorca and the city of Palma in particular have very decent restaurants that provide either one or the best of both.

Where to Eat in Majorca

Mallorca and the other Balearic Islands concentrate a lot more on vegetable-based dishes as well as typical island cuisines revolving around simple seafood. Many restaurants on the island specialize in this. La Boveda is one such place that offers the best of tapas based on a seafood theme as well as formal dining options that extol the beauty of both vegetables and seafood. Aside from the traditional cuisine, there are restaurants that are brave enough to give you a taste of the continental cuisine. Lizarran in downtown Palma, for instance, gives you a chance to have the best of French bread served with prawns and roasted potatoes. Bon Lloc also in Palma is the best way to have fresh vegetables. These restaurants that are the backbone of Spain tourism have delights well worth taking seriously.

There is a lot that every visitor can try out. Palma’s maze however can conceal all this from even the most deserving. The alleys and medieval streets, which are an attractive aspect of Spain tourism, can hide a lot from the untrained eye. The trick is to check  out whats on offer as you may be surprised at how much you can enjoy the local cuisine for just 20 euros .

Beach Holidays on the Balearic Islands

Spending your holidays on the Balearic Islands can have a number of benefits – the area attracts visitors from all over the world looking for sea, sand and warm temperatures. The Balearic Islands are among the most popular tourist destinations for visitors looking for beach holidays Spain, as the area is home to some of the best beaches in Europe, with white sands and blue seas. With a Mediterranean climate, these islands experience a warm temperature all year round, making them the perfect choice for a weekend getaway or for a longer vacation period with your family. Here are some of the things to look out for when looking for beach holidays Spain; this is information on the best three places to visit in the Balearic Islands.


Majorca is another popular tourist attraction, and this island welcomes thousands of people from all over the world on their holidays. Here you will find some of the best beaches in Europe. If you enjoy sports, you will be spoiled for choice in Majorca, especially when there is so much to see, do and experience. Take a trip to Alcudia, one of the most historic and beautiful towns on the island. A medieval wall surrounds the town, and here you will find shops, restaurants, culture and museums, providing the perfect photo opportunity.

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