Holiday Homes in Spain

Renting Holiday Homes in Spain – An Affordable Alternative to a Hotel

What could be a better then enjoying a lovely family holiday in a beautiful cosy villa with a sparkling swimming pool to keep you cool on those long summer days around the Mediterranean sea. By some planning and exploring our dates base of thousands of quality affordable holiday homes in Spain you to will discover many advantages in renting a holiday home in Spain.

Luxury rentals

We offer a variety of luxury rentals  from sumptuous beach villas to quaint secluded accommodations that fits perfectly to your tastes and needs. Whether you come on holiday in Spain with your loved one, friends or family, you will find high standard accommodation and luxury amenities, most luxury rentals having great views over the land forms of each region of Spain. Because the luxury rentals are highly sought and popular among tourist, it would be advisable to book in advance one of these superb accommodations.

Budget rentals

A practical way to save money and not be stressed out on how much you have to pay for accommodation, are the budget rentals, increasingly popular among the intelligent and parsimonious tourists. We offer a wealth of cheap options made available by the owners of apartments and villas, entirely to match your preferences. Here you will find a special selection of cheap and diverse accommodations.

Golf properties

Have you thought about going to Spain and try to play golf? There’s nothing more simple, beautiful and affordable! From us, you can rent the perfect golf properties directly from the owners, at unbeatable prices, in every region of Spain. Basically, the houses or apartments for rent are within walking distance of golf courses, making things look easier. Try to decide as quickly as possible, because such deals are rented quickly. Book now from a wide range of properties for rent, the one that suits your preferences!

Skiing holidays

If you associate Spain with sunny days throughout the year, crystal clear waters, white and golden beaches, sand dunes, impetuous mountains and lush vegetation, you will be downright fascinated to find out that in Spain you can also go skiing! With its absolutely delightful ski resorts, like those found in Sierra Nevada or Pyrenees, you can select and book one of the wonderful skiing holiday rentals in Spain. Hurry up, because you don’t want to miss a great location with such amazing scenery!

City break in Spain

A city break in Spain sounds more than exciting! Imagine yourself exploring the world of Gaudi in Barcelona, climbing Sierra Nevada Mountains, getting lost in the dunes of Gran Canaria, or relaxing on a white beach in Marbella. Glamorous picture, is not it? Well, if that’s what you want, no need to wait any minute! Start planning your trip in Spain. You can choose from a wide variety of properties available to rent at excellent prices.

Country homes 

Who thinks that a holiday is limited only to stay in some luxury accommodations, has no idea which is the charm of staying in a country home and practically to live like a local, even for a few days. The country homes are ideal for nature lovers, offering beautiful landscapes, fresh air and their specific rural charm. If in apartments or villas you don’t have a big chance to catch a gorgeous view over the sea and mountains, in a country home you will have all the chances in the world to have a breathtaking panorama. Most country homes are equipped with pool, being hosted by white Spanish houses, with their specific picturesque appearance, plus a tapas bar and small shops along them, perfectly complementing the entire landscape. Now, all you have to do is to choose one of the beautiful areas of Spain where would you love to stay and then, book your desired country home from the list below.

Beach rentals

There’s nothing more enjoyable than being near the sea and feel the soft breeze, enjoying the scenery given by the waves on the horizon! If this sounds familiar, clearly you should rent an apartment or a villa right on the beach. Whether you are on holiday with children, friends or relatives, most villas have their own pool and sea view, giving everyone such a lovely picture. There’s nothing more beautiful than to drink your coffee and dine on the terrace, watching the sky, the clouds and the sea, enjoying the unique moments in nature with your loved ones. So book now your beach villa or apartment in Spain and experience a tremendous vacation!

Family holidays

When searching for holiday homes for family holidays, caring for children must be the most important priority! First of all, you need to provide them the accommodation that suits their needs, age and daily activities.

Without doubt, Spain is the most favourable country to bring your kids on holiday, especially if we think of the warm climate throughout the year, the suave Mediterranean Sea breeze and the hospitality, friendship and joy of the Spaniards. Not to mention the multitude of accommodation options, entertainment activities and beautiful places to visit! Which is why, in Spain you can choose some of the most interesting family and children friendly holiday homes. Think about your family and book now the perfect place to accommodate during your visit in Spain. You will find below a wide range of accommodation.

Once you have found your ideal rental property you will have, via our on-line service, the possibility to deal with the owners directly. They are the locals and will be happy to let you know of their favourite restaurants, bars and sights worth visiting.

And to help you decide on your destination please use our travel and tourism guide which provides useful information on all the main holiday hotspots and popular tourism areas around Spain.