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Beaches in Spain - Blue Flag and the Top Beaches

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Spain has more than 5,000 miles of beautiful coastline; most of this is adorned by equally beautiful beaches. Some of these rank among the greatest in the world. By definition, a great beach is one that gets you hooked and makes you hate the idea of leaving when your holiday is over, the kind of beach that elicits constant dreams and makes you plan to revisit even before the holiday tan is gone. Family beach holidays are where some of the best moments and memories are made of and should be enjoyed to the max when holidaying with your family.

  Blue Flag Beaches in Spain

Blue Flag Beaches in Spain

Spain has not only maintained its enormous amount of blue flag beaches from last year but has increased the overall number of beaches to 573 in total, more than any other country in the northern hemisphere and well above other tourism hotspots such as Greece, Turkey, The United States, Portugal and France. This is great news for the Spanish tourism industry and foreign visitors as around 85% of all visitors choose the coastal areas to enjoy their holiday vacation.

The Blue flags where awarded to beaches located all around Spain's long coastline and where distributed around the autonomous regions as follows:

Andalucia: 81
Asturias: 17
Balearic Islands: 61
Canary Islands: 43
Catalonia: 89
Valencia : 120
Galicia : 123
Murcia : 31
The Basque Country: 4

The Blue Flag is a voluntary eco label awarded to thousands of beaches and marinas in 41 countries across Europe and around the world. It is owned and run by the independent non-profit organisation Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). 

The Blue Flag works towards sustainable development at beaches/marinas through strict criteria dealing with water quality, environmental education and information, environmental management, and safety and other services. The program also includes environmental education and information for the public, decision makers and tourism operators.

From Galicia in the north to Marbella in the south, Spain really can boast it has some of the best beaches in the world.

Some of the Best beaches in Spain:

La Concha Beach - San Sebastian

La Concha Beach in San Sebastian

This beach is awesome because of its location on the edge of a city; it provides a mix of both city life as well as the sought after laid-back coastal holiday feeling. It has been ranked one of the best beaches in the world. Being on the edge of San Sebastian, a chic coastal city, adds to the aesthetic value of La Concha and its proximity to the French border gives more glamor to its exotic nature. The city of San Sebastian has a cultural and culinary experience that makes it one of Spain's best destinations. The beach therefore has a lot to offer.

Tamariu Beach in Costa Brava

This diminutive beach provides an excellent setting for families that want to get some sun. It is one of the best beaches in Spain. Surrounded by what used to be a fishing village, the beauty of the beach is a direct result of the limited development and has therefore managed to maintain its charm and so has the village.

Es Trenc Beach in Mallorca

This beach is famous, unspoiled, and rated one of the best in Spain. Located in an area that is known for its long sunshine hours, it is long but shallow at a popular place to take dip in the summer months to cool off and relax. The beach is very beautiful, and despite its remoteness it is very popular, so expect to find it very busy in the peak season. There isn't a resort attached to the facility, but there are parasols and sunbeds for hire and other necessary amenities are provided. It is suitable for children because of its shallow water and sits close to wetlands and protected sand dunes that are home to marine vegetation and migratory birds, which is a bonus for nature lovers.

Mundaka Beach in Biscay

This is one of the most famous beaches in Spain known more to surfers love to ride the big waves here. It actually ranks in the top ten of the best surf spots on the entire planet. The beach is long enough with huge areas of sand, but the tide variations favor the more energetic water sports more than swimming or sunbathing. There however are very nice bars and restaurants in the nearby village for visitors to try.

The best beaches on the Costa Blanca

Spain's Costa Blanca, the 'white coast', boasts stunning sandy beaches, charming villages and plenty of entertainment along the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea.

The best beaches and Coves on the Costa Brava

Sun worshippers and beach goers will be thrilled with the spectacular beaches of Costa Brava. The Costa Brava (Rugged Coast) is a beautiful coast on the Mediterranean with a variety of beaches.

The best beaches on the Costa de Sol

Southern Spain's Costa del Sol (Sun Coast) is one of the most popular beach destinations in Europe. The area is famous for hundreds of golden beaches , a perfect climate with 300 days of sun shine each year, the tranquil Mediterranean Sea and a relaxed atmosphere.

Spanish Island Holidays

Spains beaches attract visitors from all over the world looking for sea, sand and warm temperatures. Spanish Island holidays offer so much for the family holidays. The Balearic Islands and The Canaries are among the most popular tourist destinations for visitors looking for beach holidays Spain, as these islands are home to some of the best beaches in Europe, with white sands and blue seas. With a Mediterranean climate, these islands experience a warm temperature all year round, making them the perfect choice for a weekend getaway or for a longer vacation period with your family.

See our full list of the best beaches in Spain.

The Best Beaches in Spain
Playa de Estorde - La Coruņa - North West Spain

The Estorde beach is situated around 81 kilometers South West of La Coruna in Galicia. The beach is around 5 km long and has clean fine white side, the water is thin and calm. Usually not very crowded exept Sundays where of course the local community is more present.

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The Best Beaches in Spain
Playa de las Americas - Tenerife

Playa de las Americas is a popular beach resort situated between Arona and Adeje in the south of Tenerife. There are a number of beaches in the Las Americas area, most of which are man made from imported sand from Africa. Watch out though, the natural sand of the island is black and can get very hot during the summer months.

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The Best Beaches in Spain
Playa de Conil de la Frontera - Cadiz

The south coast of Spain has some very beautiful beaches. Stretching from Tarifa to the Huelva an the border with Portugal you will come across many long, clean, sandy, unspoilt and underdeveloped beaches to enjoy. Although they can be prone to the strong poniente winds coming in from the Atlantic don't let that deter you, in fact if your into wind driven water sports its a must visit. Some of the nicest beaches are around Conil, long sandy stretches on both sides of the Town, clean and ideal for spending a long undisturbed day of beach worshipping. Must visit beaches along the south coast include those at Sanlucar de Barrameda, Rota, Chipiona and Chiclana.

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The Best Beaches in Spain
Playa de Sotavento - Fuerteventura

The Playa de Sotavento is arguably the best beach on Fuerteventura, and there are many breathtaking beaches in this part of Spain. It is situated the corner of the island and a natural paradise of great ecological wealth. The beach is popular with both clothing-optional and normal bathers alike and has become a very popular beach for scuba diving and snorkelling Divers come here from all over globe to discover the magnificent underwater landscapes and mysteries that lie beneath the crystalline waves. This mostly quiet and unpopulated beach is popular with windsurfers and kite surfers and has a bohemian vibe with a scattering of beach bars. In front of the Playa Barca area there is a lagoon which is particularly good for swimming.

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The Best Beaches in Spain
Playa de Somo - Cantabria

6 kms of fine white sandy beach , very popular with the windsurfers as it is a sheltered beach break that can be working any time throughout the year. When the surfing is right the beach can get very crowded.

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See our full list of the best beaches in Spain.

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